Truro Football stadium plans approved

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Post by TeamKernow » Sat May 24, 2008 10:55 am

There are NO exceptions to the rule that plastering hardstanding on porous land alters surface water behaviour, ThingsThatGoFlirInTheShla, and increases the likelihood of downstream settlement flooding.

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Post by Kéighlán » Sun May 25, 2008 1:26 am

Truro are in such a low league, why bother making such a big stadium. (i've heard that it has 20.000 seat capacity) Some premier leauge teams don't even have that big a stadium.

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Post by Allister » Sun May 25, 2008 3:22 am

Didn't Truro just get promoted to a higher division?

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Post by Kéighlán » Sun May 25, 2008 9:33 pm

yeah they did, but its still a very low division.

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Post by TeamKernow » Thu Jun 19, 2008 4:38 pm

'Tycoon' News

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Post by TeamKernow » Fri Jun 20, 2008 11:42 am

That Northcliffe Media/Western Morning News/
'Tycoon' News story in full (+comments):

'Property tycoon's car fire-bombed by biker
00:00 - 19-June-2008

[size=small]5 readers have commented on this story.

TRURO CITY Football Club chairman Kevin Heaney's sports car was fire-bombed by a motorcyclist who fled with his hair in flames.

The arsonist smashed a fuel-filled bottle against the silver Mercedes SL55 at multi-millionaire property tycoon Mr Heaney's home in Lemon Street, Truro.

He was then seen to flee with his hair on fire.

A witness told police he pulled a helmet over his burning locks and took off on a yellow and black motorcycle.

Mr Heaney is offering a “substantial” cash reward for information leading to the conviction of the culprit.

About £1,500 damage was caused to his car and property.

Two fire crews from Truro arrived but the flames had gone out and only “a quantity of flammable liquid” remained for them to deal with.

Sgt Miles Topham, of Truro police, is appealing for witnesses over the incident.

He said: “Police are very concerned that this attack could have had much more serious implications. The offender, believed to be a white male, is believed to have accidentally set fire to his own hair before making off and is likely to have suffered visible injury and pain as a result of this and be physically scarred.

“Someone out there will know or have serious suspicions as to who the offender is.”

The Royal Cornwall Hospital has not treated anyone for potentially relevant injuries.

Sunday Times

This was down from last year's estimate of £154 million, which put him middle of the field as well at 458th in the top 1,000.

The owner of development company Cornish Homes, he has recently delayed plans to turn the club fully professional, citing instability in the property market.

He said: “There are any number of reasons someone might have done this and it is not the first time I have had my car vandalised by idiots.

“It could have been someone who is jealous because of who I am or to do with the football club.

“Maybe they were made redundant on a building site because we're all in difficult times, and thought, 'Kevin Heaney owns that site, I'll take a pop at him'.

“It could have been life-threatening for my family and is a very serious situation.”

The incident took place between 11.30pm and 11.50pm last Thursday night.

● Anyone with any information should ring Truro police on 08452 777 444 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, quoting crime reference GT/08/1337.

[size=normal]4 comments. Last at: 19-Jun-2008 21:02[/size]

Never throught I'd find myself agreeing with Kevin Heaney, but he's right.
There's any number of reasons why somebody might have done this.
Terry, Truro
commented on 20-Jun-2008 11:08

I am feeling sorry for Mr Heaney, Cornish Homes good to work for and pay me £25 for whole day work, mush beter than I get back home, so soon I'm hoping to be concreting all of Cornishwall so it look much nice. I hope the policeymen catch the maroon with the lighted hair.
Todrov, Penzance
commented on 19-Jun-2008 21:02

Vandalism appears to take many forms these days.

Setting fire to a car and your own hair is bad but permanently plastering concrete and tarmac on the green spaces of Cornwall for personal gain can be seen,in the longer term, as far worse.
CarbonBoot, Kernow
commented on 19-Jun-2008 16:11

Annabel, it gives me serious concern if we have not been seen to give the
appropriate coverage to the second incident of which you speak. I assure
you, as community editor of the Truro and District edition of the West
Briton, that had the incident been brought to my attention we would make
every effort to give it the attention it deserves in attempting to help
find the culprits. I would be grateful if you could give me any further
details which I can follow up, particularly a date and time, as I have not
heard about it from either the police or fire service. Please contact me
at or on 01872 247560.
Jeff Reines, Truro
commented on 19-Jun-2008 14:37
How shocking, Kevin Heaney's car gets fire-bombed and makes front page news however when two neighbour's cars get doused in anti-freeze and exploded, setting light to surrounding property in central Truro by some socially depraved idiot, it gets only two lines of press. Maybe if local newspapers were more forthcoming about this kind of incident in the press people would be able identify the culprits and future situations may be prevented.
Annabel, Truro
commented on 19-Jun-2008 13:40 '

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Post by Celticwarrior » Fri Jun 20, 2008 12:50 pm

Is this Heaney character Cornish!?.

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Post by CJenkin » Fri Jun 20, 2008 4:06 pm

I believe Heaney has Cornish ancestory as does Rick Stein - which is why they set up their businesses here.

Whether those businesses are beneficial to us in Cornwall is another argument.

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Post by Cawsando » Fri Jun 20, 2008 4:10 pm

How about a massive Rugby and Hurling stadium?

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Post by Kéighlán » Fri Jun 20, 2008 4:50 pm

Massive stadiums cost lots of money maybe. Is their a Hurling league?
Gloucester is the best team in the English Premiership yet our stadiums not that big, we have had a new stand put in though.

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Post by TeamKernow » Tue Jun 24, 2008 10:17 am

Northcliffe Media / Western Morning News / 'Tycoon' News Update !

7 more comments - 12 visible to date (some failed the filtration test apparently).

Here they are:

Property market in free fall, credit crunch, personal wealth ranking on the slide, football club's dreams in ruins, broken promises left, right and centre, and now somebody sets fire to his car. Can he tell those of us who don't share his world picture, or his opinon of himself, what exactly is it Mr Heaney thinks he's got going for him to make the rest of jealous?
Puzzled, Truro
commented on 23-Jun-2008 12:28
Kev, chin up mate. I've got a B reg toyota corolla for sale for £100 if you fancy it? I know you're going through hard times at the moment.
Harold, Truro
commented on 20-Jun-2008 22:45
Surely someone with such a distinctive vehicle will be easy to spot on cctv, particularly at that time of night when the roads are quieter.
P. Quick, Truro
commented on 20-Jun-2008 19:58
As Mr Heaney says, "we're all in difficult times."
As he says, no reason to have "a pop" though, or to take advantage of anyone. That's just no way to carry on, and the perpetrators of that sort of behaviour need bringing to justice.
Cubby, St Austell
commented on 20-Jun-2008 19:26
Confused - not sure whether Mr Heaney is saying that it's the dubious fire-starting, or the random , viscious assault, that could mean this attack on him is linked with the football club? Either way, it will hopefully be fully investigated, and the culprit brought to account.
Carwyn, Truro
commented on 20-Jun-2008 19:01
Assaults on Lemon Street, damage to cars - the right of people to live peacefully, and simply get on with their lives without danger of abuse seems sadly to be a thing of the past.
What is happening to Cornwall ? It used to be a much safer, better place.
Karma, Truro
commented on 20-Jun-2008 16:06
Mr Heaney thinks this might have happened because of who he is, and that someone may be jealous.
He's surely right on the first count, not so sure about the second though.
Courtney, Truro
commented on 20-Jun-2008 15:49
Never throught I'd find myself agreeing with Kevin Heaney, but he's right. There's any number of reasons why somebody might have done this.
Terry, Truro
commented on 20-Jun-2008 11:08'[/size]

That new and novel NM/WMN/TIC(ho!ho!)free speech baby seems to be thriving - but will it be safe from being chucked out of the pram by its temperamental control freak parent?

Time will tell...

Further comment opportunities HERE

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Post by TeamKernow » Wed Jul 23, 2008 6:53 pm

Cornwall's Green Spaces Breathe A Sigh Of Relief.

'Football chairman forced to close main homes firm base

14:18 - 23-July-2008

[size=small]TRURO City Football Club chairman Kevin Heaney's company has closed its main office and lost a third of its workforce.

The Cornish Homes boss claimed the troubling times have come as a result of the credit crunch.

The firm this month closed its base at Newham, Truro, and moved all of its operations into its offices in Lemon Street. Staff there refused to comment.

But Mr Heaney admitted he has had to lay off 21 out of 31 permanent employees since January, not including job losses by contractors and sub contractors working on construction sites.

Building work on Cornish Homes developments at Boscawen Woods at Truro and Zen, Liskeard, has also stopped, according to Mr Heaney, also due to the crisis hitting mortgage lenders up and down the country.

Speaking to the West Briton from his holiday in Spain, he claimed that he was not aware of any of the companies under the Cornish Homes umbrella facing closure.

He added: “We all know the development world has been pretty tough at the moment and there have been a lot redundancies for the protection of the group.

“We're going through a process and I don't know where that is going to end up.

“It's a matter for me and there are issues and I'm not going to deny that.

“It's the same as any other developer.

“The banks have stopped lending money to developers and stopped lending money for mortgages. People can't buy homes so developers can't sell them and can't build them and it's a vicious circle caused by the banks in the UK.

“The knock-on effect is we have made people redundant, no different to any other prudent business.

“Cornish Homes is made up of a group of companies and one or two of the companies will have to shut down because they are not earning money.

“Decisions like that are not made lightly, but we are in a completely different climate and economy than we were a year ago.”

Mr Heaney pointed out thousands of jobs being shed by national home-builders like Persimmon Homes.

But he also admitted he is selling a home in Lemon Street, Truro, one of only three detached houses in the road, with a guide price of £795,000. He lives with his wife and two children in a nearby property which was bought for a similar price several years ago.

As previously reported, plans to make Truro City a full time professional side have been shelved, with Mr Heaney blaming the unstable economic times in his industry.

Mr Heaney dropped from number 458 to 550 on this year's Sunday Times Rich List. It gives his worth as £145 million, down from last year's estimate of £154 million.'[/size]

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Post by DTresaw » Wed Jul 23, 2008 10:53 pm

A successful football club brings in revenue, puts a place on the map and gives the local population a way to bond.

I guess people are opposed to this fellow because he is a London property developer, Darragh MacAnthony at Peterborough United is an Irish property developer, but he isn't getting the same grief from the fans of the club.

Truro is the principal town of Cornwall, people are keen to whinge and complain about housing (rightly so) but the fact there is no inward development is at least as big an issue, to get some serious chance of developing Cornwall it is essential that at least one town is to grow into some form of major commercial centre. All the major towns in Cornwall are of similar size and are deader than a can of spam as far as innovation or entrepreneurial spirit is concerned.

People can complain about concreting over green land, but the fact Cornwall doesn't have a major town or city is instrumental in the decay and malaise that has overcome the area over the last 200 years.

Tin mining and china clay are dead and dying respectively, something new is required and little cornishmen who only want to complain about the lack of autonomy etc don't really help if they have no real positive suggestions how to improve the dreadful economy of the area.

No one is saying that a football team will necessarily make things better, but it just seems symptomatic that this guy is shot down straight off the bat. Maybe he is good or bad, I don't know, i'm sure I will get reams of evidence thrown at me to say he is an evil money grabber.

If Truro were to get into the football league, should they be allowed, after all it is an english league, and surely we wouldn't want to be associated with those imperial oppressors would we??

Mind you the fans of Cardiff, Swansea and Wrexham put their Plaid Cymru tendencies aside if you threaten to chuck them into the tinpot league of Wales to play Afan Lido, Newi Cefn Druids and Total Network solutions every week.

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Post by Hunlef » Wed Jul 23, 2008 11:27 pm

Good one, Mike. Looks like we've got another Anglo sheep in wolf's clothing showing his/her ignorance. The technique is beginning to get tiresome.

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