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Cornwall Council LEP survey

Posted: Thu Jul 29, 2010 12:48 pm
by shaz
"Government is offering local areas the opportunity to take control of their future economic development. Local enterprise partnerships will be partnerships between local authorities and businesses and will play a key role in promoting local economic development.

Local enterprise partnerships will be locally owned partnerships between local authorities and business to drive economic growth across an economic area. They will be a key vehicle in delivering Government objectives for economic growth, decentralisation and helping to rationalise the regional tier, whilst also providing a means for local authorities to work together with business in order to quicken the economic recovery.

It was announced in the Emergency Budget in June 2010 that the Government will publish a White Paper in the summer, which will set out the Government's economic development plans and more detail on the transition from RDAs to local enterprise partnerships.

On 29 June 2010 the Government issued a letter to all Leaders and Chief Executives of local authorities inviting them to work with Government to help strengthen local economies.

Government has therefore asked for outline proposals from partnerships of local authorities and businesses to form local enterprise partnerships, no later than 6 September 2010.

We are now entering a period of consultation, and the following questions are aimed at informing our submission on the 6th of September."

"1. Below is a list of functions that could possibly be delivered at a local, regional or national level. Please give an indication of which level you think this function could be most appropriately delivered at?"... survey here