Wadebridge Folk Festival

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Wadebridge Folk Festival

Post by kbcl1 » Sun Aug 29, 2010 11:51 am

Saturday 28th August was a busy day in Kernow. The Glasney memorial Commemoration, Penryn Fair Day and Wadebridge Folk Festival.

Wadebridge was inspirational made more so by the processional and very Cornish Band from Pensans, the Turkey Rhubarb Band, by the dance group Tros and Treys, accompanied by Bagas Torchen of which I am a member. I love to see happy smiling faces and to hear real Cornish music and singing and dancing. I love to explain to confused tourists that this is Cornish culture and not from the Country next door. A truly great day.



I arrived home to find one of those nasty letters from the TV Licensing Authority. I laughed knowing that they have no authority in Kernow anymore. Leave them attempt their threatened court action and they will be in for a real surprise, in the nicest possible way, of course ! They worry me not one little bit.


Helping a lovely person to find somewhere to live today. In a Country where house prices are unreachable by most and where rentals are higher than many can afford.


The BBC, a disgrace, the public services in Kernow, out of touch due to intereference from England and the biggest scandal of them all, homelessness amongst the people of this Country. Anger needs to be converted into defiance and aimed straight between the eyes of the EIS ! One & All it can be done whilst leaving differences of opinion for settlement after we have achieved what we want, a chance to decide on our Country's future !


(Just cleared £11,000)

Mike C
An Kesunyans Keltek
Scoren Kernewek

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