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Edit function

Post by carrek » Tue Aug 31, 2010 10:41 pm

Many users still do not have an edit or a quote function. It seems to be users who signed up on the old site that have the problem.

I do have these functions, but I registered after the changeover.

There used to be a fix:
Evertype wrote:
Evertype wrote:I also cannot see an Edit button to edit my own post. All I see is a wee bit of text that says "Write comments".
I fixed it by going into my User Control Panel, changing the Skin from ProSilver to Avalon, and then changing it back.

A bit diabolical.
But that won't work anymore since there is only one skin option in board preferences.

Admin: perhaps adding another skin to the site would allow users to try Evertype's fix? This problem should be sorted once and for all.

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