As published in the West Briton 25 November 2010

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As published in the West Briton 25 November 2010

Post by kbcl1 » Thu Nov 25, 2010 4:04 pm

A column I share with Graham Hart, Rhisiart Talebot and others this week featured my write up as under. Many will not agree but many will. Mike C


A few months ago, I wrote a letter to the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Clegg and the Prime Minister, Mr Cameron asking them a few polite questions. I copied that letter to all six of Cornwall’s Members of Parliament and to the Chief Executive of Cornwall Council.

The letter was politely written and followed the correct protocol. All of Cornwall’s MPs acknowledged receipt of a copy of my letter and more than one agreed with the contents of it.

Needless to say, I received no response from the Deputy Prime Minister or the Prime Minister.

So I wrote again, this time by recorded delivery. Still no response, so I again posted a third copy by recorded delivery to ensure that I could prove to myself they had been received. They had indeed been properly delivered by the Post Office.

The questions asked why there appeared such a yawning gap between Liberal Democrat home grown policies and those imposed upon Cornwall by the Government even though the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives were locked into some kind of evil alliance, why people in Cornwall were expected to perform identical jobs for a hundred pounds a week less than the same work performed elsewhere, why the Conservatives had appointed a Shadow Minister for Cornwall but now in office had not appointed a substantive one, why it was felt necessary to ignore Cornwall’s ancient and legal border and to have us share an MP with Devon and why the demands of the Cornish people were constantly ignored ?

One MP even promised to chase the reply from Mr Clegg but to date nothing. Stony silence.

Then in a wave of political spin, Mr Cameron, who has publicly promised to ‘set Cornwall free’ and then fails to understand that perhaps our River Tamar is alike the Amazon River to us, gives his new born baby a third forename relating to Cornwall and all is well. But still my questions, my simple questions remain unanswered.

And so, I no longer trust the Westminster Politicians any more, no, not one of them. They do not have the interests of the people of Cornwall at heart, they are intent on destroying our culture, our history, our heritage and our boundaries whilst sitting aloft in their gin palace claiming vast amounts of expenses whilst people here live on wages which are often close to poverty level and whilst the bankers, allies of the politicians, continue to claim their fat bonuses, they talk of cutting back on social allowances for our needy.

The sooner we tell these politicians, these politicians who took us to war over weapons which never existed, what we really think of them the better and I can assure them of this. I may be an ordinary Cornishman, but they have not heard the last of me. I shall continue to campaign for a just Cornwall, a fair Cornwall and an open and honest Cornwall. They ignore me at their peril.


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