Why is the Loic Rich discussion locked?

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Why is the Loic Rich discussion locked?

Post by zennorman2 » Fri Jul 08, 2011 6:51 pm

Moderator's Comment: - 8th July - 19:29

It is clear from the 11 pages of posts on the original thread and the disclosures from 'elsewhere' that the thread has nothing more positive to be said and it was becoming rather 'distasteful' and a bit of a 'witchhunt'.

Moderators Note:-

Due to the the turn that this thread has taken, and some of the things that have been posted here, this thread is now closed.

There is, aledgedly, a police investigation that is ongoing at this time, concerning the subject of this, and the previous thread, and it would be unfortunate if anything posted here were to influence any conclusions that such an investigation may take.

We would ask all members to refrain from further comment on this subject for the time being, until the investigation has been concluded.


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