Radio "Cornwall" - a new low for the BBC.

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Radio "Cornwall" - a new low for the BBC.

Post by Marhak » Mon Jun 11, 2012 7:16 am

On Sunday June 3rd 2012, a flotilla of over 1,000 vessels sailed down the Thames in London to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. This was led by the royal barge 'Gloriana', which flew the flags of the constituent nations of the UK, and we were all astonished (most of us, pleasantly) by the sight of Kernow's Cross of St Piran flying in complete parity with the flags of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The only other flags were those of the City of London (a courtesy flag as the event was taking place in their waters), and those of the charity "Motability", whose patron is the Queen. This charity works at increasing mobility and opportunity for disabled people, and which had selected many of the rowers, who were disabled.

This week, an organisation called "KernowCalling" rang Radio "Cornwall" to get their take on it. The bimbo on the newsdesk had never heard of the "Gloriana", and asked a male colleague (unfortunately unnamed). She came back and stated that Riadio "Cornwall" has consulted an "expert" (also unnamed), who'd said that Cornwall's flag was being flown to honour the boatbuilder, and there was no special significance to it. When questioned further by KernowCalling, a male voice was heard to say: "It's confirmed and we're sticking with it".

The blatant nature of this lie was easy to expose. The man who built the "Gloriana" at Brentford was master boat-builder Mark Edwards, from Richmond-on-Thames, who has no known connection with Cornwall.

It is high time that an Inquiry was set up to investigate the anti-Cornish, pro-English bias of the BBC. In initiating a lie such as this, the BBC has acted in wilful defiance of the highest authority in the land, because Kernow's flag can only have been flown with those of the other home nations (and separately from the flag of England) only with full Royal Consent. The meaning of it, and the statement it was making, was clear for all the word to see (all bar the BBC and "Big Ger" - of whom more later).

Arch-troll "Big Ger", haunting TIC several times a day, could only bleat that Baner Peran was only flown for the Duke of Cornwall who was aboard the "Gloriana". Except that he wasn't. He was aboard the "Spirit of Chartwell", with the Queen and astern of the "Gloriana". Not that Baner Peran would ever be flown for him - he has his own official standard: a shield with the 15 gold bezants centred on a black background, and that flag was nowhere in evidence.

I'm thinking that a letter of complaint to the Director-General of the BBC might be in order, perhaps with a copy to Buck House. Maybe, if he sees a gong/knighthood in the next Honours List going out of the window, something positive might just start to happen.

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