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Human Rights Event

Post by Ludgvan » Thu Jul 26, 2012 8:49 am

Sounds like a good idea - The 2012 Human Rights Tour - which will be in:

Truro - 20 September - Truro City Hall, Municipal Buildings, Boscawen Street, Truro, TR1 2NE ... -tour-2012

Programme outline

"The programme in each area may differ slightly because each event will have a regional focus. The following list is given as a general outline of issues to be addressed.


The events will mostly run from 10.00 - 4.00 and will consist of 4 sessions broken up by coffee-breaks and a lunch break. Specific timings for each event will be mailed out separately.

Session 1:
The origins of Human Rights

An introduction to the overall concepts and ideals at the heart of human rights
A look at the international legislation
A historical perspective

Session 2:
Protecting Human Rights

How practical are human rights?
How useful are the international mechanisms?
How does the Human Rights Act differ?

Session 3:
The Human Rights Act

Which rights are covered by the Act?
How it works and where the value lies
Examples of the Human Rights Act at work

Session 4:
The struggle today

The threat to human rights: the political climate and the current discourse
The Commission on a Bill of Rights
What you can do to get your voice heard"

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