Cornwall Council Privatisation

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Re: Cornwall Council Privatisation

Post by 3cornishchoughs » Mon Oct 22, 2012 3:07 pm

Figures on jobs and savings projected by BT: ... efing-pt2/

Self-service all the way... and so you will just have to wait longer for the final option to a) 'check out our useless website or b) press 0 for a customer service operator who will read to you from a script. I am sure it will be a premium rate non-geographic phone number too. BT of course get a cut from income earned from those paying to dial such numbers.

And a letter to Members from CEO Kevin Lavery: ... ssage-png/

Meeting of Full Council to finally debate Shared Services is tomorrow 23 Oct.

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Re: Cornwall Council Privatisation

Post by Rosko » Mon Oct 22, 2012 5:08 pm

Lavery & Robertson operated the council like a fiefdom, as twins, dumb & dumber, if you like; the latter has gone. Surely the former is equally, if not more responsible, and should be sacked too?!

This whole debacle, as that of the corrupt Duchy/Waitrose bid at Truro's Eastern gate, should be indefinitely postponed, pending further investigation, especially whilst councillors - whatever their own (shady) motives and agendas - are doing U-turns on these matters, eg. Eathorne-Gibbons??

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