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a pseudo-folk rhyme in RLC

Posted: Mon Jul 05, 2010 10:26 am
by brane vroas
This is my first try at writing verse in Cornish, so please allow for that.
The grammar (such as there is any) and vocab are all from Richard Gendall's Tavas a Ragadazow, 2000 unless noted otherwise at the bottom. I hope the internal rhymes raise a smile - the end lines are sometimes approximate.
I have no access at the moment to information on the SWF.
Thanks everyone for reading !! Nick/a.k.a. Brane Vroas

Lack, a hontrevack

Ma en killan Sillan grea
a benes, en ennis vraa:
Avel mil lagas davas,
war an garrack, gwarrack drea.

Dres an kewnans, Deunans rooz:
dean ha tarow: garow, pooz;
mowns avel prevas
a thasgnias ago booz.

Manin ree sallis, heb gow
saim an metten bretten ew:
ma an beuhas gavas
gubman tha beuri en trow.

Dres moar en Worthen laze
ree gwellz ew tha udra vaze:
gwase en gwavas
a serry owr Kerry e daze.

Ry an Kembro dowr en leath
thort e gibbal, glo a wheath.
Loske eskar tavas
gen keas pobes - ha hen yeth.

Stenor Zennor, enour raze,
war e thehen ry Du breaz.
Ma a kudra havas:
goulscovhow meez east en praze.

lagas davas = limpet (in Cornish Place-names and Language - Craig Weatherhill 1998, thanks Marhak for this excellent work)
kewnans - "ravine" (here metaphor for the Tamar) form postulated by Oliver Padel in Cornish PN Elements 1985
gwavas - place-name and as *gwavos in Padel 1985 - "winter homestead"
Deunans = Devon (RGendall, or Dumnonia)
prevas = vermin (RG)
killan: secluded place (RG)
Penes: to fast (RG)
serry: to anger, to annoy (RG)
kibbal: iron bucket (RG)
dehen: cream (RG)
gudra : to milk (if I had been able to find a C. word for "to churn" I'd have used this in stanza 4)
goulscowhow: tents
enour = honour in Henry Lewis 1945
dasgnias: to re-chew, to chew the cud (geiriadur ar-lein cym/cern.)

Re: a pseudo-folk rhyme in RLC

Posted: Mon Jul 05, 2010 2:21 pm
by carrek
Great! Nice to see more works in RLC.

If you don't already know, the full SWF specification is here: ... =37768&p=0

Re: a pseudo-folk rhyme in RLC

Posted: Tue Jul 06, 2010 10:55 am
by brane vroas
Thanks Carrek for the FYI, I will study these SWF specifications. Cheers, Brane Vroas.