Hinchley Strike Family History

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Subject Vera, Edna, L Hinchley > Jones > Payne.
Vera Hinchley was born in Sheffield in 1902.
Parents Ernest Hinchley and Esther Gertrude Strike.
We understand that her Parents died “young� 1907 - 1909?
Vera and her brother Edward stayed with relatives.
It is considered that while Edward Hinchley remained in Sheffield with a Strike family, Vera went to relatives in Cornwall (possibly a Hinchley or maybe a Strike family).
It is probable that Vera was a Nurse/Sister in a hospital in Cornwall or Devon.
That she married a Dr Jones. --- Possibly a subsequent divorce.
Vera was housekeeper for Mr C.E.S Payne in Launceston.
Electoral registers place Vera Edna Jones at 22 Northgate St in 1950/58.
Then at 7 Trecarrell Close in 1965 and 1969 as Edna V L Payne.
Again at this address in 1972 as Edna V L Jones.
A Hinchley family in Belfast got a letter from Mrs VL Jones in 1971 from 7 Trecarrell Close Launceston.
We really seek :-
Where and with whom did Vera stay through to 1950s ?
Where/When did she study to be a nurse and subsequently a Sister ?
Which Hospital ?
The marriage to Dr Jones ? A Divorce ?
Housekeeper to Mr Payne ?
Her Death and Burial, notices in newspapers ?

We have a Family Website for Hinchley Strike at
Where there is lots more info and Photographs.
Thanks, hopeful PHINCH

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