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Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 4:55 pm
by Angofbew
Answer to Chelseafc182.

Point one. Ummm unless you haven't heard Cornwall is not a part of England. Read more to learn more.

Point two. Unfortunately these football songs decreases ones IQ or didn't you know.

Agreed with Rooney stepping on Carvalho's crown jewels, but that does not distract that his reaction by pushing Renaldo was a silly thing to do, especially when he knew Ronaldo was out to get him sent off. He should of know that he was a target, about time he accepted the responsability of his position.

Point three. Not Boo Portugal. Their Goalie deserves all the credit he should get, saved three, got his hand to the fouth, surely no-one can Boo his performance. Lets be honest and say the fault for the English going out is their own, profesional football players on god knows how much a week, and they can't score from penalties. Last eight is about right for England they are not in that top group and still live on a 40 year old victory. They will improve only when the realise that.

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 5:50 pm
by Nige999

Im cornish which makes me English aswell suprisingly!

Well I am Cornish and I am certainly not English !

In my family they were always referred to as "foreigners" when I was growing up.

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 6:11 pm
by Fulub-le-Breton

Im cornish which makes me English aswell suprisingly!

Sorry for being picky about your spelling, I know its an a-hole attitude.

So you are Cornish and English, well if you want then i will respect your identity but i can't help feeling its due to a lack of education about Cornish history and culture.

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 6:28 pm
by Marhak
For Chelseafc182. Slow motion replays clearly showed that Rooney took a good look down to make bloody sure his boot went into the right place. Sorry, pard - straight red.

Everyone was fearful that Rooney's foot might not stand up to a tackle - nothing about how someone's tackle might stand up to Rooney's foot.

Sorry about your indoctrinated education that makes you believe that the Cornish are English. How can that be? They are Anglo-Saxon, arriving in Britain from Germany and the Low Countries only in the 5th century AD (not getting anywhere near Cornwall until the 9th or 10th century). We are Celtic and have been here for roughly 6,000 years. Of course, your schoolteachers never taught you that, did they, operating as they do under a "national(ist)" curriculum dictated by London.

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 7:21 pm
by Kenwyn
I'm not going to get involved in all the other stuff on this thread so I will just concentrate on one thing only, Rooney's supposed stamp on Carvalhos nadgers.

Let me ask you have you ever played or refereed a football match? I guarantee you that if you were on the ground and I deliberately stamped on your nadgers there is no way in the world that you be up and running around within two minutes as Carvalho was. As far as I'm concerned the Portuguese were cheats and very good ones too as they succeeded in their objective. I only say this in the interest of fairness because unlike you I am neutral and did not really care who won but I do like to see fair play on the pitch. So take your anti- English blinkers off for a minute and just consider that if it had been the other way around would you be so happy?

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 9:23 pm
by Marhak
Kenwyn, I was a goalkeeper for many years: South Western league, Combination League and others and was up at Argyle for a season. I painfully recall spreading myself to block a full-blooded volley and was only a metre away when it struck me right in the nadgers.

Bloody agony for sevral minutes, including a restart of play after about a minute and a half but, during that brief time, I had no choice but to take one out of the top corner at full stretch. I thought about the pain afterwards. Even when it feels that your whole abdomen is on fire, in the heat of the game and when put into that situation, instinct takes over and your entire concentration is on getting that ball. Ever heard about not teaching grandma to suck eggs (no pun intended)?

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 9:29 pm
by Marhak
Oh, just to answer another of your points - I don't care who wins either, as long as they give me a good game to watch. Neither England nor Portugal did that (Brazil and France did - well, at least Franme and Zidane).

I loathe all forms of cheating, no matter who does it. Some players in this World Cup and Euro 2004 should not have been on the field when the match ended. Thierry Henry should have been off two games ago when struck (lightly) in the chest and went down like a poleaxed ox, clutching his face.

To be fair, the English players do it less than most but Beckham's a sod for doing it. So is Owen, some of whose dives for a penalty border on the laughable.

I never said I was anti-English. Just anti those Engl;ish who are anti-Cornish. I don't support England because, in my view, they do not represent me or Kernow.

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 10:38 pm
by Kenwyn
Fair enough marhak but I wasn't trying to teach your grandma to suck eggs though, like you I played football, not quite at Argyle level and like you I took one full in the nadgers once and the pain was indescibable. I just don't believe that Carvalho had his nadgers stamped on to any great effect and I don't truly think that was what he got sent off for, more the pushing and shoving with Ronaldo. Like you I love a good match and the France/Brazil game was light years above that of England/Portugal. I can't say that I have ever met an Englishman that was truly anti-Cornish but maybe I move in different circles to you.

Back to the World Cup I would like to see a France v Germany final, I don't think Portugal deserve it, not necessarily for their somewhat dubious tactics but because I don't think they are good enough. I don't like the Italian style of football either so I hope they exit in the SF's too.

Posted: Thu Jul 06, 2006 7:14 pm
by Kenwyn
Portugal's last two games were 2 hours against England, an hour of which v 10 men and 1 and a half hours v France and they did NOT score a goal. Doesn't sound like getting anybody on the back foot to me!

P.S. The penalty shoot out is just that, it is not part of the actual match in open play.