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Post by Hen » Sun Dec 17, 2006 2:56 am

The only reason I can think that a "first one to touch ground" would have won is because neither of the wrestlers had scored any 'pin' points during the match. That would have been a nil all score and the first wrestler then to have his opponent ' touch ground' would have been granted a 'pin point' by one of the 'Sticklers'.

At least ... that's my guess. :)

Without actually contacting a Cornish Wrestling Association (and I note there is one in Victoria) the closest thing I can get to finding the length a bout goes for is rule 10.4 of the Association's rule book. It states:

"Cornish Wrestling Association's Rule Book" said:
10.4. All wrestlers concerned to be present at the weigh in and a proper draw is to be made for each class. Each class shall have a separate matching sheet that states the Class involved and duration of bout. Championship draws to be made and publicly announced.

So it would seem that prior to a match, there is an agreed duration set for each represented class. Possibly to take account of who exactly has fronted up to wrestle? It maybe that every bout can be set to a different time frame with no established 'agreed' length as such.

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Post by Hen » Sun Dec 17, 2006 3:47 am

After a further reading of the rules, I reckon an hour bout is an exceptionally LONG bout.

The rules also state:

"More Bumfph I read" said:
10.6. The Sticklers are to indicate to the wrestlers when they wish the bout to commence and the timekeeper is to srart timing from the first handshake.

10.7. As each bout commences, the wrestlers for the next bout shall be called to the table in readiness.

As each bout commences, the next wrestlers are called in.

Having your next wrestlers sit and watch for an hour seems a tad excessive to me. Maybe on that basis I might guess that a 10 minute bout would be long enough?

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Post by Hen » Fri Jan 19, 2007 3:13 am

Just for the fun of it, I wrote to my local Cornish Wrestling Association and gleaned the following. I hope it is of interest to you balindsey.

"Colin Roberts" said:
Dear Hen

Sorry it's taken me a while to get back, have been over in Cornwall for a month ! (dear June, please note new email address for me).

In answer to you questions......................

In the past, there were often no time restrictions and the bout went on until the first 'back' was scored thus ending the bout. Nowadays, time limits are put on and that will depend on the group that are running the competition. Often times it's 10 minutes. At the end of the ten minutes if a back has not been scored the sticklers will tally up the points scored and decide on a winner. If the points are even from the three sticklers the match will be awarded to the wrestler who, in the view of the sticklers, made most play.

Hope that answers both questions.

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