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Post by Tumbled » Wed Apr 06, 2005 7:04 pm

Penzance and Newlyn rugby president Richard Evans has spelt out an exciting vision of the future for Cornwall's leading club in their quest to reach English rugby's top tier.

At a packed fans forum at the Mennaye Field Dicky Evans admitted the West Cornwall club had reached a "watershed" in its history and the time had come for the Pirates to realise their dream of Premiership rugby.

Evans' future vision includes a potential change of the club's name to the Cornish Pirates and to form a new company - Penzance-Newlyn Rugby Limited - and to relocate their playing home in the short term to a site on the A30 in mid Cornwall.

"Cornish rugby is a sleeping giant and now is the time to awaken that giant," declared Evans. "We are a Premiership club in waiting and this is the time for us to finally move forward and realise our dream."

The thought of both renaming and moving the Pirates is sure to cause some debate amongst the ever-loyal home faithful, but as Evans was quick to stress to the assembled masses: "To realise our dream it is simply not possible to do this as we are. Penwith has a catchment area of 130,000 people, central Cornwall has a catchment of 450,000. To move this club is tearing me apart, but we have to be realistic."

Evans confirmed the club had looked at potential new sites within the local area, but it became clear they were non-starters from the outset because of cost and logistics and other options had to be explored.

Those options include the proposed A30 site, which will go before members at a special EGM to be held in the not too distant future. Based on a similar principle to that employed by Plymouth Albion at their Brickfields ground, it will involve the building of a temporary site before a purpose-built stadium - which meets all Premiership criteria - will be built to host the Cornish Pirates.

As for the Pirates' current base at the Mennaye, that will remain, confirmed Evans. Not only would it act as a permanent training base for the Cornish Pirates, but it would continue to serve the Pirates' members, as well as the many junior and mini clubs.

Plans spelt out also included the building of a new clubhouse, changing facilities, gymnasium and medical room, as well as upgrading the club's main grandstand.

That news will come as a boost to coach Jim McKay, who has had to juggle training this season between sites at Newquay, RNAS Culdrose and Penzance. "It's important we have a base that we can call home," said the Australian, who also spelt out his desire to not only add to his playing staff, but also his coaching and backroom staff before the start of next season.

"If we want to complete we need to have things right off the field, as well as on it," added McKay. "Not only will we benefit from all these plans, but all the other sections associated with the club will as well. By getting these things in place we aim to hit the season fully running."

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Post by Masterclass » Wed Apr 06, 2005 9:22 pm

MK Dons.

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Post by Govinek » Thu Apr 07, 2005 8:14 pm

Well now thats an interesting idea is it not? So once again we see that plans are afoot to move facilities away from their local area and up the A30 to some new site. Well for one thing that will really help in Cornwall's fight against global warming and the Government and local councils [alledged] plans for sustainability won't it? Just another plan which means we will all be getting in our cars to get to another event! So if me and the lads want to get down to see the Pirates, no getting on the train, it will have to be the car! Thanks a lot!

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Post by Tumbled » Thu Apr 07, 2005 10:56 pm

This was on Trelawnys Army:-

Pirates' president Dicky Evans has given some of the background to the club's decision to move to a new stadium in central Cornwall and to rename the team the "Cornish Pirates". Dicky, is as keen as ever that fans should be kept informed about developments at the Pirates. He had this to say about the proposed move:-

"Making this decision has not been easy from the heart, but the last four months has clearly indicated, from a purely development of stadium angle, that West Penwith is a non-starter, although Jim McKenna the MD of the Council has been superb. The problem lies with the Government Highways department and we couldn't just sit around for years awaiting a yes/no decision and then spend time raising money and even more time building in the knowledge it may not be financially viable at the end of the day.
In addition, retaining a top class team and strengthening it while we wait and hope would have been a disaster from both the players' viewpoint and financially. So at the end of the day these parameters forced our arm. The Mennaye will be our new spiritual home and I intend to improve the facilities there for the Cornish Pirates' squad, as they have been nomadic and gone all over Cornwall to find training venues, including Newquay and Culdrose. This will sort that. I intend to stand for the position of President of the new Penzace and Newlyn members' club, at the same time driving the new limited liability company.
Mounts Bay can continue to lease the ground but will not become the "Pirates" --- apart from anything else the RFU won't agree and a new '' Pirates'' would have to start at the bottom of the leagues, but that is by the bye. Our minis/juniors/colts/development squad will be "Cornish Pirates Colts", etc.
New shirts will be red white and black at home. We have done a good sponsorship deal with Samurai; this was in the pipeline before this decision on Cornish Pirates. However, First Division Rugby are now insisting that away colours for all teams must be different, so we are swapping the red for gold on the away shirts. A new logo has been agreed upon, but it is 90 percent based on the current logo, but 21st century with a Kernow influence. This will be seen at the EGM with the shirts. However, we are not forgetting we have to win the league and this will not be easy, so it may be soon or the distant future when we accomplish this. But obviously our intentions are clear on and off the field. Apart from a few dinosaurs, everybody has been hugely supportive and I am extremely grateful for that as the decision, as I said, was tearing me apart. The alternative was basically not an option -- to throw away all we have acheived. I believe strongly that what the Pirates did eight years ago, with total openess, in announcing professional rugby at the Mennaye has been a roaring success. So much so that many clubs have followed in our footsteps. Our relationships with the other Cornish Clubs is generally excellent. (We are sponsoring the two Kenya boys at Redruth next year, on loan from us for the season.)"

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Post by Tumbled » Thu Apr 21, 2005 1:47 pm

Apparently the former Truro Cathedral School site at Kenwyn has been confirmed by Dicky Evans as the new "temporary" Cornish Pirates rugby site.

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Post by SkidRowe » Mon May 16, 2005 9:58 pm

I find it difficult to believe that anybody could have a problem with the Cornish pirates possible move to a more central location within the duchy.
We should be over the moon that we could one day show the rest of the world what being Cornish and supporting a, lets hope before long, premiership team means to us.
I have been fortunate enough to have been to a few Twickenham days out with the county side, where the buzz of wearing a black and gold shirt along with 40,000 other Kernewek is a proud and patriotic high i for one want to experience again and again. To be able to get the same kick week in, week out with a Cornish premiership team myself and many, many thousand more would love to be a part of.
There is no people prouder of their roots and county than the Cornish, look how many we take to our twickenham finals compared to the other counties, lets show the rest of the British isles what it means to be Kernewek.
Get behind the team and the move, it can only bring us closer to the possibility of a Cornish team being top of the rugby pile one day.
We deserve this chance that IS coming our way.

Kernow bys vyken

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Post by Morgarrow » Mon Sep 26, 2005 5:36 pm

Well done the Pirates! Maybe the BBC and Westcountry news slots will now give Cornish rugby results a higher ranking on their sports slots. It usually goes in order of first all the Devonshire soccer results, then next in rank Plymouth Albion or Exeter Chiefs and then the Cornish teams. Occasionally they send their cameramen/women across the border. I'm only interested in what goes on in Devonshire when it's part of the UK/International news and it's about time we got a sports programme which focused wholly on Cornish news, sports and sports results. That doesn't mean that I'm not interested in what's going on outside of Cornwall - I just don't want to hear about Torquay, Exeter, Plymouth or Yeovil except when it's important enough to make the international news.

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