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Posted: Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:18 pm
by Coach
The Cornish Sharks American football team Have 7 players invited to the Great Britian camp this weekend.
Its fantastic for the players to catch the eyes of the scouts.
5 of the 7 play rugby.
all of these players have only had two years in the new sport.
I have coach for the GB set up for years and I use the same training programme the lions use so this give the players a good step up.
well done to all the Sharks players and they will the black and white cross on sat.
the players are . Andy Dixon Newquay Hornets, Matt cross Newquay Hornets.
David Kriehen soccer,Adam Kerven Hayle rugby,Gavin Boak plymouth rugby.
Ross hammer Rugby, matt henderson .
well done all the boys.