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Post by Hen » Thu Aug 24, 2006 4:52 am

I love Euchre. I've been playing it since I was knee-high to a grasshopper thanks to my Euchre-mad Pah.

Here is an interesting take on the history of Euchre.

History and Evolution

Euchre is a classic card game, and was very popular in Europe during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Its true history is quite disputed.

Many card historians have determined that it was a direct descendant of the Spanish game Triumph. There is also a kindred relationship with another card game of German origin called Juckerspiel. An early version of Euchre was also played extensively in France during the mid 1700's and was given another name – Ruff.

Then again, a reliable source noted that the French renamed the game Triomphe. Finally, another expert claimed that Euchre evolved from Ecarte, and was popularized by the Pennsylvania Dutch. Thus, there are lots of theories and plausible explanations as to the source and history of this game.

During the Napoleonic era in Europe, Euchre was modernized and introduced to America especially in New Orleans (unless you want to believe that the game was introduced in Pennsylvania!). From Louisiana, the game spread along the Mississippi River to the Northern States.

A little over one hundred years ago, Euchre was the number one card game in the United States. The game of Whist was fading and Poker was somewhat limited to the Old West and to the Riverboats.

A few decades later, Euchre was eclipsed by Bridge. The United States Playing Card Company tried to sustain Euchre with specially prepared decks of cards and creation of similar games; however, the Bridge craze could not be contained.

The Internet has revived the game, as well as the publication of some really fine books. Today, Euchre still has legions of devotees around the country - especially in the Mid-Western and Northeast states. It also has a national organization and a series of live events. The MSO Event in August of this year will feature this really great game.

For more details on Hearts, Spades, and Euchre - refer to this Site: - it is a treasure trove of information! ... ews2e.html

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Post by Angofbew » Thu Aug 24, 2006 7:57 am

Ok listen up. Right bower is always the Jack of the Suit that is trumps. Left bower is the jack of the other suit that is the same colour, Simple :-)

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Post by Bylen™ » Thu Aug 24, 2006 11:13 pm

Hehehaha, ^_^

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Post by Andy » Sat Oct 07, 2006 5:16 pm

I was looking for the euchre rules through ask jeeves and got directed here! What a great site for a cousin jack!
We all played euchre incessantly durring our last couple of years at school. I guess the first ones to start heading for the pubs picked it up and brought it back. At official (+ unofficial breaks,) there would be 1/2 doz differant games going on.
We used the 2 spades as the Benny and the 7 and 8 cards were used as the scoring cards. 7 face down on top of the 8, uncovering the pips as the points accumulated. once past 7 points, the 7 was turned face up. So a game was 15 points.
the game is fast and furious especialy once everyone knows whats going on. As one lad once remarked, 'At least if you've got a crap hand - it's soon gone.'
I currently re-enact American Civil War and as the game is authentic for that era - in fact was very popular, I thought I would remind myself how it was played and introduce it to the boys. As I hav'nt played it for over 30 years I thought I'd better do a rules search, trouble is like most things cornish... the rules vary!!

Andy C.

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Post by Dontmeanathing » Thu Nov 08, 2007 3:33 pm

My favorite on line game. I play a online card site in tournament (all free) and play against other online persons. If anyone is interested in a great on line site that still host many card and board games I would be happy to tell you the sites address if you email me as I don't think it would be appreciated if I put the address out publicly as it might be considered advertizing (not sure the rule for that here). But the site I am talking about is a well known name of playing cards (hint) and the site is free and open 24 hours and all year. I bet some of the Euchre hosts might have some history on the game but it looks like the history posted by kneehigh to a grasshooper sums it up very nicely. See ya at the tables.

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