Why is Cornwall so poor?

Ask your questions about Cornwall here. Whether it be Where, When, Who, What and Why someone\'s sure to know the answer.
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Post by Angofbew » Wed Feb 21, 2007 9:40 pm

What a total load of cr*p. Firstly the Cornish never invited you or any other f-ing English person to come and live here. We do not like your attitudes, as you all think that whatever you want is OK, but anyone else is either stupid, blinkered or whatever. The reason Cornwall is so Poor is that the English made it so, period. Cornwall is a Nation and it has been raped Historically by the English, especially by the Dukes of Cornwall. The only way for Cornwall to become a better place is for Cornwall to have Homerule. When the Cornish rule themselves, we will see a growth in our fortunes. During the Industrial Revolution Cornwall was at the forefront, showing that progress came from within and not as you say (wrongly) from outsiders. I for one don't want little England. If any English want to stay and support an Independent Cornwall, you are welcome, if not, go back to where you buggered up your own Country, and leave us to a better CORNISH future.

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Post by Frenchie » Wed Feb 21, 2007 10:03 pm

Jezza is a genuine fraud.

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Post by Frenchie » Wed Feb 21, 2007 10:16 pm

I'm not on here to offend any proper Cornish locals,

The locals can't run themselves properly and make a success out of things. Objective one was pissed up the wall. I've never seen many locals try anything taxing, just get drunk and do the usual crap jobs, and get jealous of those outsider who are smarter and richer than them. How dare they?

Enough said Wazza..

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Post by CK » Wed Feb 21, 2007 10:30 pm

I'm replying to this against my better judgement (I'd rather pretend your post didn't exist and you along with it)
I'm guessing you're reasonably young as am I (28). If in the 13 years you had lived here you had bothered to research a bit about the county rather than taking snapshot observations you wouldn't have written the load of ballcocks you started with becaause you would no the answers!
Few things: -
1. If you think the ones that have moved away are the smart ones, why don't you be "smart" and join them.
2. What as Cornwall being a Southern County have to do with its affluence? Again if you had carried out a bit of research you would understand in many ways Cornwall has more in common with the Industrial North than the South. In some respects the very fact you are making that point goes a long way to explaining how the county ended up in the S**t. (Industry down here went into a massive decline in the early 1980's on a bigger scale (per capita) than the pit closures and steel closures in the North a few years later, however due to the fact that all appeared rosy because it was Cornwall there was no aid, no retraining the people were left to get on with it).
3. One of the main reasons I'm still here is because of attitudes like yours (I'm the most stubborn git you can imagine). When I was completing my degree at CSM, I was told by numerous mates that I would never get a decent job in Cornwall, So I set out to prove them wrong and that I have done.

Now Smart ass be Smart and P*ss off to somewhere you prefer!

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Post by CK » Wed Feb 21, 2007 11:05 pm

Whoooo whoopee now hows that make you successful? half the population have degrees whats yours surf science? :oops:

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Post by Grum » Wed Feb 21, 2007 11:11 pm

Although tactlessly put, jezza raises some points I usually pretend don't exist for the sake of an easy life.

There is a huge problem with attitude and apathy in Cornwall, which is why I always maintain that any pro-cornwall organisations should do a bit more front of house stuff.

Give people something to aspire to instead of just leaving them to simply rail against, if you get my meaning.

If you get rid of the duchy and get an assembly, but still have a population hamstrung by the culture of malaise typical accross Cornwall, you'll still be up faecal creek with no means of propulsion.

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Post by Frenchie » Wed Feb 21, 2007 11:36 pm

f you get rid of the duchy and get an assembly,

I assume you mean Duke, not Duchy..

If Cornwall rids itself of the Duke, and all the illegal practices associated with him, then gets it's own assembly, there will be a new sense of optimism and hope in Cornwall. With the activities of the Duke exposed, together with all his offshoot arselicking associates who have so far benefited from his behind the scenes interventions, then Cornwall will begin a new era. Without the Duke there will be no obstacles preventing Cornwall's recognition as a minority nation, the UK government will be forced by Europe to fund Cornwall's future as a national minority and everyone will feel what it's like to have an invisible oppressive force lifted from it's collective consciousness. Maybe then the inherent Cornish spirit from the past will resurface and set a future trend in motion..

"The Cornish Britons were a hard and obstinate
nation, infexibly fond of liberty and implacable
against all conquerors.

They knew not how to acknowledge themselves
subdued and, after a defeat, only waited till the
victor had disappeared in order to reinstate their
affairs and rob him of his fruits of victory".

C.S. Gilbert. 'Historical Survey of Cornwall' 1817

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