Minibus for youth club - 1 night a month?

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Post by Smitzer » Thu Sep 27, 2007 11:34 am

Hi, I know this is a long-shot. But just in case someone may be able to help or offer advice.

We've been running a church youth group in Newquay for 2 years and it's going really well.

However, we're struggling for transport. We need a minibus for one Friday per month. Ideally a 12/14 or 15-seat minibus that's available not too far from Newquay.

Hire firms have quoted us £100+ for the night. This is a bit tricky as we're subsidising activities already (sometimes it's a trip to Truro bowl, etc, or skating at Eden).

It would be great if there was a charity that had a bus we could use - and maybe donate something. The teens are well behaved and wouldn't trash the van! We could sort insurance, etc, I'm sure.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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