Stratton Battlefield - Wind Turbine to be erected

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Post by Strattonian » Wed Jun 25, 2008 10:29 pm

Hello All

The Planning and Development Committee of North Cornwall District Council has nominally approved the erection of a 15 metre wind turbine within the curtilage of the Registered Stratton Battlefield (1643). The decision went against the advice of NCDC Planning Officers and 'English' Heritage. Moreover, the decision goes against current planning policy and therefore has to go before the full Council on 7th July before it can be fully ratified.

The turbine is for DOMESTIC use only. A private individual with considerable clout in the area is pushing to erect the turbine and seems to have persuaded the Liberal Democrats on NDCD to back his proposal.

I need not impress upon most of you the importance of the battle of Stratton, both to Cornish history, but also nationally - the battle was a turning point in the Civil War - a seminal episode which pushed the Parliamentary army back over the Tamar. The decision to allow permission to erect would set a national precedent for wind turbines on battlefields. NDCD is playing with fire. I am not against alternative forms of energy at all - however, the public benefit of allowing one individual to erect a wind turbine for his own use is outweighed by the public interest of protecting a much cherished historical site.

If you feel that NDCD has acted irresponsibly in nominally approving this application, please write to Planning - NCDC, 3/5 Barn Lane, Bodmin PL31 1LZ

John Bolitho would be turning in his grave.

Thank you.

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