National Anthem of Kernow

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Yeah, what Kate said. :lol:

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The British national anthem is also out of date and racist. The Union flag is also out of date. The cross of St. Patrick shouldn't even be in it seeing as Eire is now independent from Britain and has been since 1922. As for the Welsh, well they are not even represented in the Union flag.

A new British anthem and flag should be introduced with the incorporation of the Cornish, Welsh and Manx flags aswell. The anthem shouldn't even mention the useless Monarchy as i think they (and about time) are on their way out.

Absolutely, I couldn't agree more. I'm surprised the Scots haven't kicked up more of a stink about the so called "national" anthem....have you heard the second verse?

As for an anthem for Cornwall it has to be "Hail to the Homeland", it's one of the most moving and beautiful songs I know (and besides Trelawney was a traitor).

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Why not the Rugby Supporters song?

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Amongst Cornish nationalists, the National anthem of Cornwall is widely accepted as 'Bro Goth agan Tasow'. It has the same tune as the Breton and Welsh National anthems of 'Bro Gozh a Tadou' and 'Hen Wlad Fyn Haddau'. In all three languages the title means roughly the same 'Great land of our forefathers'. If you want to get a feel for it they play it before Welsh Rugby Internationals. For each of the countries the words are subtley different. For example when the Welsh sing 'Gwlad! Gwlad! pleidiol etc.', the Cornish sing 'Kernow, Kernow, y keryn Kernow!'. The song is for all the brythonic celts about the love of their homeland and like 'Hail to the Homeland' is very evocative. Personally of all the Cornish 'National' songs, my favourite is 'Hail to the Homeland'. The reason that it is not so widely recognised is that it is only sung in Cornish!

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Does anyone know of any other versions of the Cornish National Anthem ? :shock:

(Can)(Song):- 'Bro Goth Agan Tasow'

Bro goth agan Tasow, dha fleghes a'th car,
Gwlas Ker an Howlsedhas, pan vro yw dha bar ?
War oll an norvys, 'th on-ny skullyes ales,
Mes agan kerensa yw dhys.

(Kescan) (Chorus):- Kernow ! Kernow ! Y keryn Kernow;
An mor hedra vo yn fos dhys adro,
'Th on "Onen hag Oll" rag Kernow.

Gwlasor Myghtern Arthur, an Syns kens, ha'n Gral,
Moh kerys genen nyns yw tyreth aral,
Ynnos-sy pup carn, nans, meneth ha chy,
A gows yn Kernewek dhyn-ny.

(Pup a gry)(All cry):- Kernow bys vyken !

Literal English:
'Old Land of our Sires'

Old country of our fathers, thy children love thee,
Dear Land of the West, what country is the equal ?
Over all the world we are scattered abroad,
But all our love is thine.

Cornwall ! Cornwall ! We love Cornwall;
While the sea is around thee like a wall,
We are one and all for Cornwall !

Kingdom of King Arthur, the Saints and the Grail,
More loved by us is no other land,
In thee every carn, valley, hill and house,
Speaks in Cornish to us.

Cornwall for ever !

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