Cinemas of Penzance

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It was the Regal! ... rtid-7.htm

The above gives more info on Cornish Cinema.


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youngcornwall said:
Can anyone recall the names of the three cinemas that were open in Penzance?
I know the Savoy and the Ritz but the next one was known locally as the flea pit, at a guess I would say the Regal but not really sure, anyone any history when these cinemas closed etc? With the exception of the Savoy which will go on forever.

The Savoy   in CAUSEWAY HEAD
The Regal  or as we new it The ABC Minors in Queen Street. (which was infact the best cinema) it had a white Organ that used to rise up out of the stage whilst being played, and an upstairs circle (or balcony)
And the one in Newlyn which is now the Newlyn Meadery was called the Gayiety or the Old Gayiety (spelling) I believe. I actually worked in the newlyn meadery some years back when it was renovated we did the electrical work there,,,and the old sloping floor where the seats were is still there under the floor thats there now, as is the room where the projectors were......a very atmospheric place to work in outside its normal opening hours I can tell you?? 

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