Cornwall's head of state

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Re: Cornwall's head of state

Post by Marhak » Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:14 am

The absolute owner of the soil in Cornwall is the Duke of Cornwall. Elsewhere in Britain, it's the Crown, but not here. Obviously the powers-that-be would like to regularise that, as it causes them great difficulties. Difficulties of their own making, of course (we had no say in the formation of the Duchy), but it explains the motive behind the present myth being officially peddled of the Duchy being merely a collection of private estates. Thankfully, the Guardian has at last seen through that (although we've been trying to tell people that for yonks).

So, as the Queen has no relevance or jurisdiction west of the Tamar's east bank, why are Cornish authorities planning jubilee celebrations. Why does Cornwall Council have her picture on their wall? We don't do that for any other foreign monarch (which she is), so why do we do it for her?

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