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Post by Lady_of_rohan » Fri Apr 07, 2006 3:41 pm


I've just got a job in Truro and I wanted to ask if anyone had any recommendations about places to stay. I've done some research and know that Truro is expensive - places like St Austell, Redruth etc are cheaper, and I wondered if anyone could give me any advice about these places (or any others within commuting distance of Truro). I'll be looking to buy but would be prepared to rent initially.


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Post by FlammNew » Fri Apr 07, 2006 3:48 pm

Westu Eowyn hal!

All of Cornwall is expensive for people on average wages. Redruth might be a tad cheaper but then you pay more for travelling. St Austell isn't that cheap thanks to the giant tupperware greenhouses at Eden nearby. Travelling into Truro can be a pain as there are daily traffic jams.

If you're on good money, you needn't worry about it, if you're on average wages you probably won't be able to afford to buy, especially if your household only has one income.

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Post by Xxxxxx » Sat Apr 08, 2006 1:56 am

What, a job? In Truro? My god whatever next! Must be one of those 5 quid an hour in tourism or hospitality jobs, as they are the only jobs available in Cornwall.... :D

Enough of the jolly banter, these people may help...
Albion Row, Carharrack, Redruth, Cornwall £105,000 SSTC

Rose Row, Redruth, Cornwall £115,000 SSTC

Falmouth Road, Redruth, Cornwall £115,000 SSTC

Wesley Street, Camborne, Cornwall £119,950 SSTC

Parc Venton Close, Pengegon, Camborne, Cornwall £127,500

East Charles Street, Camborne, Cornwall £129,950 SSTC


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Post by GolowDydh » Sun Apr 09, 2006 8:09 pm

As Stroppy has shown house prices are cheaper in Camborne, but he probably has never sat in the traffic jam on the A390 coming up to Chiverton, turning west onto the A30 with all the other people who work in Truro but can only afford to live in Camborne. I certainly wouldn't wish to do it every week night. There are alternative routes but they also get congested as you have narrow roads through villages such as Chasewater. my attitude is; life's too short to waste it commuting.

I am lucky enough to live within walking distance of my job. It is not a well paid job, but I am happier now then when I worked up country for a while on good money.

Think carefully about what your priorities are, consider what choices you would make if money was not a consideration, what is most important to you. Then you can start looking for the best way to implement those goals. For more information on the 14000 daily commuters into Truro and the Cornwall Council's stratergy, you may find the following link useful, as it shows amongst other things how congested each route is which you can factor into your decision. ... 19445.html

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Post by Lady_of_rohan » Mon Apr 10, 2006 5:11 pm

Thanks for all your replies.

It's a job at Truro College - I'm a lecturer. We've decided to focus on finding somehwere to rent for 6-12 months, and go from there - we can work out what is best for us when we're in Cornwall. We're going to rent in Truro, hopefully in walking distance of the station and college. I don't drive, so it would be good to be walking distance (which for me can be anything up to 45 minutes). I also wouldn't mind overcrowded trains to Truro if we buy outside - I'm used to that!

We're looking on 'this is cornwall' for properties to rent - can anyone suggest anywhere else we might find flats/houses owned by private landlords?

Finally, is there anywhere in Truro we should avoid? As far as I can see it all seems nice, but it's hard to tell when you don't know a place well.

Thanks again.

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Post by GolowDydh » Mon Apr 10, 2006 5:54 pm

Unless you are at the Haven House site, I suggest ou invest in a bike. The problem with Living in Truro and the travelling the couple of miles out to the main Truro college site is the Royal Corwnall Hospital at Treliske being between the two. It can be quite a bottleneck at certain times of day and part of the road is single carriageway at present. On the plus side there is quite a variety of buses to choose from, but a number of these detour around the hospital buildings which slow down the journey.
Also as a large number of people are employed by the hospital and medical school, houses that are convenient for these areas and the college are in demand. Having said that,this is an area that Carrick is looking at for major housing development, so the problem should ease, on the other hand if you find a place backing on to fields don't bank on it staying that way.

I can't comment on residential areas of Truro as I live in St Agnes, my son attends Truro College we live near the bus stop so it takes him less than half an hour to get there most days. There is not much to rent here as many owners can get more by holiday letting for a few months a year; getting more in a week than would be got in a month on a residential letting. I have a couple of friends renting, one via Philip Martin and the other through Homequest. (who I notice have a property in Gloweth which is near the college on their books at present)

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Post by GolowDydh » Mon Apr 10, 2006 9:17 pm

I think more people should use trains, buses etc. We hear a lot about 'sustainable' development, but as towns grow, often near the railway nobody will put up the large sums needed to build a new station. So when faced with a journey either end, rather than waiting to change methods of transport a large proportion get in their car and stay in it.

Certainly nobody will invest the money to put in a mile of branch line to serve: Truro College, Treliske, the retail park, the new Richard Lander school site and the anticpated new housing developments. It would be very costly as some form of lift would also be needed as the land here is much higher than Truro.

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