London Bombings - Nice one Tony!

Discussion about what\'s going on outside of Cornwall
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Post by Xxxxxx » Sun Jul 10, 2005 2:00 am

I categorically go against a committed Muslim's embarking on such attacks. Islam never allows a Muslim to kill the innocent and the helpless.

"If such attacks were carried out by a Muslim - as some biased groups claim - then we, in the name of our religion, deny the act and incriminate the perpetrator. We do confirm that the aggressor deserves the deterrent punishment irrespective of his religion, race or gender," he added.

"What we warn against, even if becomes a reality, is to hold a whole nation accountable for a crime carried out by a limited number of people or to characterize a certain religion as a faith giving support to violence and terrorism,"

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Post by Xxxxxx » Sun Jul 10, 2005 11:06 pm

"It is an evil that cannot be justified and that we utterly condemn and reject," said Sheikh Dr Zaki Badawi, of the Council of Mosques and Imams.

Earlier, Pope Benedict VXI spoke of his "profound sadness" at the "repugnant terrorist actions".

Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks said the leaders had come together to commemorate the end of World War II and the "courage, commitment and sacrifice by which the evil of Nazism was resisted and ultimately overcome 60 years ago".

"We stand together now for a further purpose: to express our shared commitment to resisting and overcoming the evil of terrorism," said Sheikh Dr Badawi. "It is an evil that cannot be justified and that we utterly condemn and reject."

They were joined by the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, and the Free Churches Moderator Dr David Coffey at Lambeth Palace in London.

It is the third time the religious leaders have shown such a united front. They condemned the 11 September 2001 attacks and in 2003, they expressed their shared concerns over the war in Iraq.

Earlier, at a service to commemorate the end, the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, condemned the "spirit of murder and humiliation" in which the attacks were carried out.

It has brough some good, having the god-botherers unite in condemning the attacks....

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Post by CornishIntifada » Mon Jul 11, 2005 12:32 am

We are trying to bring them democracy whether they want it or not. looking back, most movies always have people from the middle east as the baddies

Well Bush and Blair are hoping that islam will take a back seat in peoples lives and instead of blaming the west for their problems and their dictators ( who they believe were put there by the west) that they will start having some responsibility for the actions of their own governments. But really it could be a folly as their culture is not mature enough for democracy - Islam and democracy don't work. Islam is anti-humanity. The individual human being is a non-entity in the face of islam and its laws.

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Post by CornishIntifada » Mon Jul 11, 2005 12:45 am


Even with a very small Muslim population in Western Europe, one almost entirely dependent on Infidel customers, or on support from an Infidel government, one finds many Infidels accepting as a matter of course that humiliation and degradation -- by accepting the most absurd Muslim narratives not only about Europe's past, about the presumed horrors of the inexplicable Crusades, and about colonialism and without-a-sellby-date "post-colonialism," but also about the present, by apologizing constantly for their own behavior, by overlooking or minimizing the outrageous demands made by Muslims,by ignoring the great unpleasantness that a large-scale Muslim presence creates for Infidels,and of course the physical insecurity that the presence of such Muslims creates, now, and indeed, forever into the future. And no amount of interfaith handholding or baseless pieties will change that.

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Post by CornishIntifada » Mon Jul 11, 2005 1:21 am

But then listen to what people say about the Cornish, our history and our rights. Even today you have to convince people that Cornwall is not England. Cornwall and the Cornish are regarded as a separate people in must be guilt - I have witnessed a similar hatred of aborigines in Australia. People go hysterical when the aborigines get something also you mention the Cornish and you are ridiculed or vehemently denied that you exist.

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Post by Porthia1947 » Mon Jul 11, 2005 1:24 pm

I agree with what you say in this case C'intifada and understand your frustrations. It's a matter of remaining assertive in your beliefs [talking specifically and only about your rights to assert your ethnicity/nationality as Cornish] and to keep plugging away.

I can remember when you couldn't get St Piran's flag flown other than on your own property because it was seen to be a Cornish nationalist emblem. It was only the so called 'nationalists' that talked about a Cornish university, recognition of the language, a Cornish assembly etc but these have either become mainstream or the discussion has been widened beyond the Cornish groups.

I think we forget that inner plus outer London alone is 14 times bigger (??) in population than Cornwall, on top of that much of what administers the UK is based there. London think it's top dog and more important than any other part of Britain. Anywhere else has to shout very loudly to get any attention - so it's a long old slog to get anything changed. Putting things into context may allow energy as a result of frustration and anger to be channelled into activities likely to lead to a more positive outcome.

As for all but a minority of ordinary British people that don't recognise our right to be Cornish full stop - they went through the same imperialist [full of residues of the British Empire years] education system so it's bound to take effort and understanding on their part to change the mindset. Our former education system was designed to stiffle any feeling of difference.

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Post by Abednego » Tue Jul 12, 2005 9:11 pm

London thinks it's top dog and more important than any other part of Britain.

Let's see now. "London" is a place and places cannot think. Hmm, Let's assume what is meant is "People who live (and work, or just live?) in London think..."

Okay. Is that all of them, all, what, seven million of them?

If not all, how many of them?

And above all, how does one know?

I have shown before on this website that many people in London are in serious poverty. Now I do not believe that people living in serious poverty in a place of poverty (no, not Chelsea, not Hampstead) would think where they live is "top dog."

But, hey, I'm open to evidence.

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Post by CornishIntifada » Wed Jul 13, 2005 3:12 am

You rant and rage about Muslims but you offer nothing that could be called evidence to back up anything you've said above


Oh but I can and I have. besides I was responding to Diane about force feeding moslems western democracy. I know that islamic ideology and ideologues are just as guilty as the bombers.

I wouldn't belive in Islam but would have left it. it believes in predestination - ie that someone is going to hell no matter what they do. So allha creates beings to throw them in the fire? it doesn't make sense. go read the koran as I can't be bothered quoting it to you - or serach the trheads where I have already. But here is the link to the Sydney rapes and the classic quote of the family of the rapists - gives a great insight to the islamic mind.
What is really needed is some way of combating the sorts of twisted attitudes towards women which were neatly summed up by the father of the five brothers convicted most recently for the Ashfield rapes. ... 89026.html

A doctor, who gave alibi evidence disregarded by the jury, as good as told a reporter last week the victims asked for it. "What do they expect to happen to them? Girls from Pakistan don't go out at night."

Moslems are 1 billion - how many are we? who talks for us? who cares about our human rights that are trampled upon? Certainly not the moslems. I have already emailed the Organization of Islamic Nations in Switzerland on the oppression and occupatin of Cornwall and the faliures of the UK to enact human rights legislation for us. They never replied. HYPOCRITES

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