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Discussion about what\'s going on outside of Cornwall
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Post by CornishIntifada » Sun Jul 17, 2005 6:33 pm

Porthia - your post highlights the problems of the thinking of some of in the west and is indicative of the thinking of the left regarding the "occupation" of Iraq.

Muslim terrorists are killing women and children in Iraq as they are trying to forment a civil war in order to destroy democracy which they fear. So muslims in the UK who are citizens of the UK (and hence as equally guilty for the occupation) go on a rampage in London to kill more infidels because they blame the infidels of the west for the jihadis in Iraq blowing up cars etc and killing more people.

Its the infidels fault that suicide bombers are killing innocent Iraqis., so we must kill infidels in the UK. You can witness many examples of such islogic by listening to any islamic commentator.

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