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Results are now in for the elections that took place last week in the North of Ireland, Scotland and Wales, but it is in Scotland that all attention is now turned, following the huge endorsement that the Scottish people have given the Scottish National Party (SNP) after their elections on Thursday 5th May.

According to Alex Salmond, the leader of the SNP, the Scottish election results yesterday were not only a victory for the Party, but also a "victory for the society, the people and the nation of Scotland." The results will indeed send reverberations throughout the Celtic countries and beyond for many years to come.

The SNP election result yesterday was also a victory for the ideals of the Celtic League, but not because we have suddenly become party political (although if we are to fulfil our aims it is inevitable that we lend our support to the nationalist parties). The victory for the Celtic League rather lies in the fact that the SNP now has, with its unprecedented 69 (out of 129) seats, an opportunity to successfully introduce into the Scottish Parliament its Referendum (Scotland) Bill and actually win the vote. A Scottish referendum on independence would give the Scottish people an opportunity for the first time to vote for self determination.

The election victory for the SNP provoked immediate knee jerk reactions from the UK Unionist parties, with the UK Conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron, saying:

"If they [SNP] want to hold a referendum, I will campaign to keep our United Kingdom together, with every single fibre that I have."
The UK Labour Party Leader, Ed Miliband, said that he also supports the Union and has accused the SNP of pursuing a "dogma" of independence. As the (UK) Labour party will be aware and as the BBC also points out, Scottish independence would also cripple the UK Labour Party's chances of ever forming a UK government. Both the Labour and Liberal Democrat Party leaders in Scotland have said since the election results yesterday that they will resign their positions, with the Conservative Party leader in Scotland not really having much to resign from anyway.

It is unlikely that the SNP will plan to hold a referendum immediately, despite their gains. Winning a referendum campaign on independence is a completely different fight to winning a party political election campaign on who the electorate wish to govern, but the SNP shouldn't leave the issue stand for too long. The electorate have indicated that they are ready to listen to the SNP's plans for the future, but it will also be tough for Alex Salmond to lead the country at a time of harsh financial cuts. This is probably why Salmond has already started pressing (UK) Prime Minister Cameron for improved plans on increasing Scotland's financial powers.

The SNP have every right to be confident. They fought a strong and positive election campaign and are now rightfully reaping the rewards. The Celtic League will write to Alex Salmond congratulating him and his party on their magnificent victory, which was indeed a "victory for the society, the people and the nation of Scotland."

The fundamental aim of the League is "to win or to secure the political, cultural, social and economic freedom" of all the Celtic countries and Thursday's decisive result for Scotland may indeed be the last leg on the road to the freedom we all desire for our own nations. It is the Celtic League's intention to help Scotland on this journey in any way we can and we aim to celebrate our fiftieth anniversary in Scotland this year as part of this effort.

This article written for Celtic News by Rhisiart Tal-e-bot General Secretary Celtic League. For follow-up comment or clarification contact:

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to promote cooperation between these countries and campaigns on a
broad range of political, cultural and environmental matters. It highlights
human rights abuse, monitors all military activity and focuses on
socio-economic issues.

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You face guerrilla war, Alex Salmond tells David Cameron
David Cameron has been warned by Alex Salmond that he faces a guerrilla war over tax and spending policy in the lengthy run-up to a referendum on Scottish independence. ... meron.html

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