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Fascist Alert! - The Breton far-right

Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2013 11:09 am
by Fulub-le-Breton
Below is a list of Breton far-right organisations and websites. These groups have well documented links to fascists and violent criminals from around Europe.

After careful consideration it has been decided to blog about them here following the logic of the wise adage forewarned is forearmed. Equally I have noted that members of these organisations, posing as simple Celtic patriots on Facebook, have been trying to make contact with Celtic and Cornish activists. One such individual is Claude Guillemain member of Jeune Bretagne an organisation that has well documented links with the far right in France, Flanders, Italy and elsewhere.

As a Cornishman who lives in Brittany, and who speaks both Breton and French, I have discovered the true nature of these groups. It is now hoped that others who follow can benefit from my insights. Paths that are not worth following are here signposted as such. These groups undermine the cause of Breton national recognition and self-determination. Their ideology belongs in a different age. Help them become history and steer well clear!

Kadarn / Adsav youth wing
Bloc Identitaire Bretagne
Breizh Atao
Breizh Identitaire Facebook
Breizh Novopress
Jeune Bretagne
L'Idee Bretonne
Ti Breizh

For confirmation of what I have claimed you can contact Mebyon Kernow's sister party the UDB. Equally you could ask the Parti Breton, Celtic League, Ofis ar Brezhoneg or any other Breton organisation.

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