Michael Joseph An Gof & Thomas Flamank

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Post by Grum » Mon Mar 26, 2007 12:46 pm

celticwarrior said:
Myself and a friend are currently researching Micheal Joseph an gof and possibly penning a script for a movie?. I feel that this story is one that should be told. What do you all think id love to hear?

I think you should do the storyboard and sell the idea to an anime company in Japan - they love stuff like that as well as british people, and the story does lend itself to the genre.

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Re: Michael Joseph An Gof & Thomas Flamank

Post by cornish2devon » Sun Aug 02, 2015 4:21 pm

I know these are old postings but I have posted a message about Antron families being new to this site. First I have heard of Michael Joseph An Gof and Thomas Flamank. Do the Antons descend from them? I am interested in Roger de Antrenon and Nicholae who it is stated owned the Church in Sithney in 1230 Roger was a Reeve and there were connections to several prominent families listed in pedigrees according to the Heralds Visitations. Ann Antron married George Camborne alias Paynter and took the Manor of Antron to that family. Gervaise de Antrenon changed the family name to Gervaise who married into Benatheleck and the descendants married into Gerveys and Grylls. Looking for connections to my Anthorns in Devon. Any ideas, help would be appreciated.

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