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Pol Hodge trans. Pol Hodge (from Cornish)

- Ha lemmyn gwren ny oll pysy rak an Tylu Ryal.

Y pysav vy rag ow hestrigiryon ha’n verthoryon
neb a veu ladhys gans an teylu ryal
orth an breselyow a Guildford ha Blackheath.

Mes ow fader a veu kellys
yn mysk an clerestorey ha triformium
a’n eglos ughel ma.

- Ha gwren ny oll pysy rak an Vyghternes, Elizabeth
an nessa ha’y gour an Duk a Garedyn.

Y pysav vy rag an naw kans kernow
kemmerys prisoner yn Sordyans Lyver Pysadow
ha kigerys a-barth penn an Eglos a Bow Sows.

Mes ow fader a veu kellys
yn mysk an transepts hag aisles
a’n eglos ledan ma.

- Arluth clewyeugh why agan pysadow rak Charles
Duk a Gernow.

Y pysav vy rag an bobel Gernewek
neb a wra tylli dewbleg hedhyw,
unnweyth yn tollow dhe’n gurun Sowsnek
hag unnweyth yn goberyow an tir Ducheth.

Mes ow fader a veu kellys
yn mysk an prelate hag ambulatory
a’n eglos estren ma.
Yndella re bo

- And now let us pray for the Royal family.

I pray for my countrymen and the martyrs
who were slaughtered by the royal family
at the battles of Guildford and Blackheath.

But my prayer was lost
amongst the clerestory and triformium
of this high church.

- And let us all pray for the Queen, Elizabeth the
second and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh.

I pray for the nine hundred Cornish people
taken prisoner in the Prayer Book Rebellion
then butchered in the name of the head of the Church of

But my prayer was lost
amongst the transepts and aisles
of this broad church.

- Lord, hear our prayers for Charles Duke of Cornwall

I pray for the Cornish people
who pay twice today;
once in taxes to the English crown
and once in Duchy land revenues.

But my prayer was lost
amongst the prelate and ambulatory
of this foreign church.

Copyright © Pol Hodge 2002 - publ. Giss 'on Books

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Mercator Education launches Network of Schools website
Brussel - Bruxelles, Wednesday, 22 March 2006 by Davyth Hicks
Mercator-Education's Network of Schools project has launched its own website at

The attractive and well-structured website is the digital meeting place for schools in the European Union who use a minoritised language in their education system.

It contains all kinds of useful information, varying from minority language teaching material to suggestions for partnership projects and funding programmes.

All schools that use a minority language are invited to join the network.
(Eurolang 2006)

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