a pseudo-folk rhyme in RLC

Rag an re na ujy ow cowsel Kernowek a nivel cres ew an glapva ma / Rag an re na usi ow kewsel Kernewek a nivel cres yw an glapva ma
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brane vroas
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a pseudo-folk rhyme in RLC

Post by brane vroas » Mon Jul 05, 2010 10:26 am

This is my first try at writing verse in Cornish, so please allow for that.
The grammar (such as there is any) and vocab are all from Richard Gendall's Tavas a Ragadazow, 2000 unless noted otherwise at the bottom. I hope the internal rhymes raise a smile - the end lines are sometimes approximate.
I have no access at the moment to information on the SWF.
Thanks everyone for reading !! Nick/a.k.a. Brane Vroas

Lack, a hontrevack

Ma en killan Sillan grea
a benes, en ennis vraa:
Avel mil lagas davas,
war an garrack, gwarrack drea.

Dres an kewnans, Deunans rooz:
dean ha tarow: garow, pooz;
mowns avel prevas
a thasgnias ago booz.

Manin ree sallis, heb gow
saim an metten bretten ew:
ma an beuhas gavas
gubman tha beuri en trow.

Dres moar en Worthen laze
ree gwellz ew tha udra vaze:
gwase en gwavas
a serry owr Kerry e daze.

Ry an Kembro dowr en leath
thort e gibbal, glo a wheath.
Loske eskar tavas
gen keas pobes - ha hen yeth.

Stenor Zennor, enour raze,
war e thehen ry Du breaz.
Ma a kudra havas:
goulscovhow meez east en praze.

lagas davas = limpet (in Cornish Place-names and Language - Craig Weatherhill 1998, thanks Marhak for this excellent work)
kewnans - "ravine" (here metaphor for the Tamar) form postulated by Oliver Padel in Cornish PN Elements 1985
gwavas - place-name and as *gwavos in Padel 1985 - "winter homestead"
Deunans = Devon (RGendall, or Dumnonia)
prevas = vermin (RG)
killan: secluded place (RG)
Penes: to fast (RG)
serry: to anger, to annoy (RG)
kibbal: iron bucket (RG)
dehen: cream (RG)
gudra : to milk (if I had been able to find a C. word for "to churn" I'd have used this in stanza 4)
goulscowhow: tents
enour = honour in Henry Lewis 1945
dasgnias: to re-chew, to chew the cud (geiriadur ar-lein cym/cern.)

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Re: a pseudo-folk rhyme in RLC

Post by carrek » Mon Jul 05, 2010 2:21 pm

Great! Nice to see more works in RLC.

If you don't already know, the full SWF specification is here: http://www.magakernow.org.uk/CHttpHandl ... =37768&p=0

brane vroas
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Re: a pseudo-folk rhyme in RLC

Post by brane vroas » Tue Jul 06, 2010 10:55 am

Thanks Carrek for the FYI, I will study these SWF specifications. Cheers, Brane Vroas.

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