Cornish body boarders stay dry!

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Post by Xxxxxx » Sun Feb 05, 2006 12:16 am

Body surfers retreat from waves

Three body surfers from Cornwall who admitted 'blagging' their way into the sport's world championship have been eliminated in the first heat.
Tim Bawden, Mark Craze and Andrew Whitworth entered as British champions after setting up their own competition in St Agnes 10 years ago.

However, when the trio were confronted by Hawaii's 25ft waves, two of them decided not to venture into the water.

The men's training regime included pasties, lager and five-foot surf.

The men, all in their late 30s, are the first to represent Britain at the event, held at the infamous Banzai Pipeline reef on the north shore of Oahu where huge waves slam into shallow water.

When Tim Bawden and Mark Craze saw the size of the waves, they decided to top up their sun tans instead.

Oil rig worker Andrew Whitworth appeared to be made of slightly sterner stuff, but despite swimming out to take part in the contest, he finished last in his heat.

The British "champions" are due to return to Cornwall on Sunday.

Story from BBC NEWS: ... 681498.stm

You have to admire their front do you not? Set up their own championship, then call themselves "British" champions! That would be like a bunch of people with no authority calling themselves the "Cornish National Champions" and entering the Commonwealth games! :D :D :D(Sorry Secretary, I couldn't resist!! ):D :D :D

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