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Trevor Won't Like This !

Post by GrahamHart » Sat Sep 22, 2012 10:26 pm

Anthony J. Hilder is one of the foremost and knowledgeable activists against the NWO in the USA today, and has been for longer than most. Below is a transcript I have received. You probably won't want to read all of it, so I've bold typed the part you will. :) :) :) :) :)

This is Anthony J Hilder....I am honored and proud to work with a dedicated team of highly intelligent people who’s goal is literally to save this Planet from destruction and total dominance by an Oligarchy of Evil – An EvilArchy who is attempting to reduce the population of Earth by 95%. We are in a transition we need researchers men and women of letters unusually dedicated determined brilliant individuals to work with us. Are You Ready? We need your back, those who work with us will be your backup. We don’t want anybody to work for us. We don’t have money to offer, plaques to give, trophies to adorn your mantle …. only the opportunity to work with us. We don’t want just anyone, we are looking for the best of the best. We work on all Continents. Bill is going to England to reside for the next 4 months. We expect several individuals to apply, only a few of the most dedicated individuals will be accepted to work with us. We make films, we make film clips, we present new thesis. We offer answers in a world seemingly devoid of solutions. The time to contact us is now! When ready for action the time has come to take it. We are ready for action. Join us or find somebody else to take it with....somebody some place somewhere must do what we demand of ourselves to be done.

Are you skilled in the making of films, of videos, of masterpieces of the mind. You will be in the movies. You may star in some of the sequences that we produce. Collectively we make a large statement...the combination of our individual voices and efforts makes the dream a reality. Join US in doing that which has not been done. We seek individuals from Syria, Iceland, Belize, The Isle Of Mann, Cornwall, Scotland, The Seychelles, Wales, Ireland and England collectively and individually. We seek those from around the world to work with.

Obviously the Evilarchy-The Criminal Cartel that creates many of our cancers and other concerns have developed genetically engineered organisms which create cancers in our common foods. Monsanto and their mentors, Pepsico, Nestles, are selling their suicidal syrups, they must be stopped. We need articles to validate their vampire-ism. They are bloodsuckers that drain us of our sustenance. The people through out the planet need to know that they are bloodsuckers and know NOT TO BUY their BS! Their corn chips are made with Monsanto “Cancerized” corn...the most heavily documented victims are women. Go to Prison Planet (Alex Jones) …. infowars, see the masterfully done piece by Alex Jones concerning these crimes. We need to finish what he has stated by making a film. This requires research and contributions to put the various pieces together in a form that is explicit cutting and on target. We must strike the heart of the Vampire with a stake that will forever bury the beast. The Illuminati has every intention of reducing our numbers to 5%. There are hundreds of good people working with us. We need YOU the Activators, the intellectual motivators, masterminds in the Alternative Media that know the heart of this Monster and have no reluctance to strike it down.

Buy our "Air Auschwitz" through or drop us a contribution so that we can continue to pay our film editors for still another fortnight or organizing and disseminating facts in film form that can and will be replicated by the tens of thousands. Check out Foster Gambles film “Thrive” He and his wife are taking us in the right direction. We need your help. For a Free and Independent Alliance ….Anthony J Hilder

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