Bob Fitzsimmons. Helston Fitzsimmons-Lewarne

Looking for your Cornish roots, long lost friends/family or just other people with the same family name then try here.
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Post by Chrissy » Wed Nov 09, 2005 1:41 pm

Good Afternoon.
My Grandfather's cousin was Bob Fitzimmons. I am in contact with Bobs grandson in new zealand.
David has a web site on Bobs boxing history.
I have several relatives down in cornwall who did not know that they were related to Bob until I gave them some history on our ancestors.
I have visited Helston many times.
My Mother has retired down in cornwall and I hope to re-locate down that way in the very near future.
I did try to by Bob's cottage a few years back but the new people at the pub beat me to it. I do know it is up for sale again now but a little out of my price range :-(
I was wondering if there were any other relatives down there that we do not know about?
Fitzsimmons was a double barrel name.. Fitzsimmons-Lewarne and when Iwas little I remember the... Fitzsimmons-LeWarnes emigrating to Australia.
Are there any Fitzimmons-Lewarne's about anywhere please?

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Post by Chrissy » Wed Nov 09, 2005 1:44 pm

My Grandfaters name was Lenard Robson He was born up north in geordie land and he lived most of his life in Herefordshire.

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Post by Chrissy » Wed Nov 09, 2005 2:04 pm

Thankyou for yr reply Ian.
Some relatives were just Lewarne's I assume that the Fitzsimmons came about by a marriage using both names jointly!
I remember a Lewarne who went to austraila was named Kenny. this was over 40 yrs ago. My aunty who is 60yrs of age rememebers Uncle Cash (Cashell).I named my daughter Cashell who id 9yrs old now, as it had not been used within our family for many O' Years. I found the name on a funeral card that was in my Grandfathers belongings when he passed away. The name was Cashell Fitzsimmons-Lewarne It did not say if the person was male or female only that they had dies aged 89 yrs of age

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Post by CJenkin » Sat Nov 19, 2005 4:54 am

yes lots around Ruth former District Councillor and her sister were from Hayle and there is Lilly Lewarne Architect partnership - I think he comes from Fowey.

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Post by Jeannie » Fri May 12, 2006 7:44 am

Hi Chrissy I recently discovered that my grandmothers Mother Lucy Bevan married Joseph Fitzsimmons Lewarne in Newport Monmouthshire Wales Jan 5 1890...Joseph was one of the sons of Cashel Fitzs. I am looking for any info you may have on Cashel or descendents of Joe and Lucy as they seem to have disapeared after the 1891 census..I checked Ellis Island records and they did not go to the states...Would you happen to know if they came to Australia, as I live in Nth Qld and I could check all the Aust records for them...I would be grateful for any other info from anyone about Cashel and his family in Wales. I found that he was the daughter of Alice a Widow in 1841 census Wales....Thank you Jeannie

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Post by Chrissy » Sat Mar 07, 2009 4:32 pm

Hi Jeanie, I am so sorry for no reply to you on this can youleave a message if you are still around and hopefully I can email you asap.
Regards Chrissy

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Post by shirleylewarne » Mon Mar 25, 2013 5:15 am

My name is Shirley Lewarne and I have in my family tree a Lewarne who married an Fitzsimmons. Keen to follow up on the family tree from where my father left off. Our family is the only Lewarnes in New Zealand. John Lewarne married Eleanor Fitzsimmons on the 25 Feb 1784 and had a son Cashell who married Alice Brown in 1820 who had a son called John Brownson Lewarne. etc My grandad is William Albert Fitzsommons Lewarne. born 28th March 1899. in Newport. Are we part of your family? Love to here from you.
Regards Shirley

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