The Mystery of Shameless Heaney, Carrick District Council and the Nat West Bank.

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Post by Karma » Sat Feb 21, 2009 5:08 pm

After a number of re-submissions, over several years, Shameless Heaney has finally succeeded in gaining Planning Permission for the proposed Office Development on his Freemantle Street site in Truro.

The Site board proclaims that the site was acquired, and is owned by Cornish Homes (UK) Ltd, his Company now in liquidation, and owing many millions of pounds to local individuals and companies.

The successful Planning Application was re-submitted in the final event by Kevin Heaney personally - his having side-stepped the trifling inconveniences represented by having to move his assets into offshore trusts prior to liquidation - although his affairs, and those of his other companies are being investigated currently by the Administrator, the Inland Revenue, and others.

Knowing this to be the case, Carrick District Council initially granted a Conditional Permission, pending sight of his mortgage lending documentation for the site from the Nat West Bank, and the satisfaction of other pre-conditions concerning binding financial commitments and the like.

Whilst apparently being unable to repay his many creditors, and having to run his football club on half-pay, with his Rich Listing in freefall, Shameless has mysteriously found it possible to make huge financial commitments both to his Bank and the Council, which they find oddly acceptable, and so a full Permission was recently granted.

They say that it's only when the tide goes out, that you can see who's been swimming naked. It's certainly going to be interesting to watch the next episode of this mystery drama, and to see the cut of Shameless's trunks when he's wading around in the mud flats. :-O

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Post by TeamKernow » Sat Feb 21, 2009 8:48 pm

Karma said:
They say that it's only when the tide goes out, that you can see who's been swimming naked. It's certainly going to be interesting to watch the next episode of this mystery drama, and to see the cut of Shameless's trunks when he's wading around in the mud flats. :-O

Would those be The River Kenwyn 'Affordable' Mud Flats,Karma,
at all,at all,at all...?

More 'Man From Monaco' quagmires:







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Post by Marhak » Sat Feb 21, 2009 10:59 pm

More like the 'Heron' at Malpas, TK, and who meets there on regular occasions. We've been watching it for years (and other pubs such as the Blue Anchor in Helston). I now give it twelve months before the bubble bursts, and spectacularly, too. The guy with the big ears isn't going to come out it of too well, either.

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Post by TeamKernow » Sun Feb 22, 2009 12:14 am

Caption/Speech Bubbles?

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Post by TeamKernow » Sun Feb 22, 2009 12:27 am


Interviewer: 'Mr Heaney,is it the case that Carrick District Council have given you planning permission to build an outrageously disproportionate office block carbuncle near the centre of Truro, the capital of the fourth nation of the British mainland The Duchy Of Cornwall ,because they are one of the many creditors of one of your front companies and that in giving you planning permission they are gambling with public assets in the forlorn hope that you will haul out some cash from your offshore back pocket to settle all outstanding debts?'

'Bogman From Monaco': 'Errrrrm....splutter,splutter...'

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Post by TeamKernow » Mon Apr 20, 2009 11:04 am

Our Man From Monaco - Blockhead News Update

[size=small]'Thursday, April 16, 2009, 13:38

49 readers have commented on this story.

PROPERTY and football boss Kevin Heaney said he will fight a bid by receivers to sell the former Truro bus station site on which he planned to build an office block. Mr Heaney was granted planning permission for the offices on the prime land in the centre of Truro, but a Bristol-based property firm acting as receivers for his collapsed company has advertised it for sale. They were seeking 'best and highest' offers by informal tender up until noon yesterday.

However, Mr Heaney himself told the West Briton he still owned the Fairmantle Street site and the matter was the subject of a multi-million pound legal dispute between him and the RBS bank, which gave him a mortgage on it.

"It is in the hands of my lawyers. They can't sell the land without my lawyers' say-so," he said.

His solicitor, Chris Lingard, added: "My client opposes the appointment of the receiver and believes the actions taken by him since his appointment have been crass in the extreme. Inviting best and final offers is, of course, a very different thing from the site being sold, as anybody involved in property will know.

"Mr Heaney is confident that he will be able to prevent any sale taking place by court action if necessary. He believes that he will be the one to develop the site and that he will deliver the prestige office development he has worked so hard to obtain planning permission in respect of."

Property advisors for the receiver of Mr Heaney's liquidated company Cornish Homes (UK) Ltd asked prospective buyers to submit their highest written bids.

The result of the process, which will involve the receivers Robert Belcher and Rosalind Good making a decision on whether the highest tender is high enough for them to accept, could take some days.

The corporate recovery arm of GVA Grimley, the receivers based in Bristol, was appointed on February 22 and posted a 'for sale' sign at the sight early last month, but only put it to formal tender two weeks ago.

They have not made the price guide available, but it is believed to be £1.5 million.

The receivers said they have the right to accept or reject the highest price offered.


This article is totally contradictory. Either the receivers are right, or the solicitors are right.

Surely it's not too difficult to ascertain which is which ! The creditors certainly have a right to be kept informed, and it would be great if the media continue to assist with this. Belinda Giles, Launceston

The original receiver was near London somewhere, so is this Bristol company appointed by someone else, or has the liquidation administration been transferred for some reason ?
Giles, London

and thats not a position that can be reached easily. who was the last london type that came down here and tried to make a quick buck before scarpering with their tail between their legs. come on kev how long you going to stay around? Ben, Truro

He may have dropped off the Sunday Times Rich List, but look on the bright side Kevin, you've he's just reached number one on the most vilified men in Cornwall.
Steve the builder, Pool

Given that his solicitor must be the busiest man in Cornwall at the moment, you'd think that even he'd have noticed by now that not everybody shares the same opinions as his client as to what he can and can't do. Those days are over. Kevin. Garry, Truro

He's supposed to be the Richest Man in Cornwall -well according to himself anyway.
Kirsty, Truro

How come, if this man is really so wealthy, that he needed a mortgage on it in the first place.

Surely he has enough resource to buy a piece of land outright - it must have cost much less originally, before he had planning permission on it.
Davey, Penzance

It would be funny if it wasn't so tragic. grainne, Carharrack

Ah well, you see Clover, it's all about stating demonstrable truths.

You can state the obvious, but not speculate about the probable - until that, too, becomes a fact.

Never Say Never though !
Colleen, Probus

What I'd like an explanation why every comment I make is removed?
Clover, Penzance

Nige in veryan, not suprised he looked happy, didnt know he was going to get another kicking in the press as he is now.
Ben, Truro

Lorna, i dont think many people still work for him. he got rid of most of them when his business hit the skids i reckon.
ben, Truro

That's a pretty dated photo of our Kev - he was looking a bit different in all the Team photos last week. Why didn't you use one of those ? Nigel, Veryan

You do have to wonder what the people who work for him must think. It must be very worrying for them to see just how much of a mess there evidently is behind the scenes. And they have families too, on top of all these others who've suffered.
lorna, truro

Isn't that a bit naive Angela ?
Damien, truro

He's got lawyers speaking up for him and they must know its all in order, otherwise they wouldn't do such a thing - it wouln't be moral would it.
Angela, Bodmin

But surely he has had people to advise him about what's ok and what's not ?
Don, Coverack

maybe more things are coming to light as to how he set up the businesses and how he let them go bust.
Ben, Truro

He's just Kevin, Kevin on the Block, had a little, then fleetingly acquired a lot, now just Kevin again, Kevin on the Block !
Cherry, Penryn

When his Company first went into liqidation, it wasn't with this receiver, so why the change now ?
Conrad, St Breward

I ask you- even in a row with the Bank, he can't just have a fight - it has to be a 'multi-million pound legal dispute' with nobs on ! Tilly, Zelah

They could do his car-boot at the Football Ground.
Bernard, Helston

he's just Kevin from the Block !
spingo, manchester

Dooby - you'd not be so chuffed if Mr H owed you or your company money. People have lost their jobs and homes over this guy. That is justification enough to criticise this guy. Berite Bassett, Truro

You lot love bi.tching about this fella - I wish him well with this and other ventures, and hope he can continue to help Cornwall to develop a football side capable of playing league football.

Dooby, Cornwall

There were lots of calls a while back for the politicians to look into this fiasco, but there doesn't seem to have been much feedback since.
Did they ever make a statement about it ?

There shouldn't have been planning permission granted in the first place - it's a ridiculously big development proposal for Truro, and only added insult to some existing planning injuries. Charlie, Redruth

Hold on Editor. What was libellous about my last comment?
Berite Bassett, Truro

If the receiver is looking at all of his assets, it'd be easier to do a yard sale like they do in America. Or a car-boot, cos he's got a lot of cars.
Polly Quick, Idless

Does that mean that all the money he deposited for infrastructure works with the Council can be used to pay off creditors too ?
Della, Perranporth

Which block is he fighting for ?
Freddie, Truro

It seems that Mr Heaney is 'confident' of his success in Court. Funny that it's Mr Heaney who's confident....
Dodie M, St Day

"It is in the hands of my lawyers"

Sounds like your average detective-police-cop script off the telly.

What normally follows is "No Comment"
Damian, Falmouth

Perhaps Cornwall Council could buy the site back for the people of Truro and Cornwall - a true community benefit - and then the money handled by the receivers could also help to rescue at least some of the individuals and businesses facing difficulties or ruin, as a result of the liquidation.
Winners all round then. Apart from one, obviously.
George, Malpas

Sorry,,,,did I say 'good' people,,?
Bertie Bassett, Truro

Certainly do, Debs.
He seems to put a lot of trust in his lawyers, and not much in anyone else, which speaks volumes in itself.
Caroline, Newquay

Debs - Mr Heaney needs good people to speak on his behalf,,, especially with all the alleged upcoming court cases against him,,,,or involving him.
Berite Bassett, Truro

I wouldnt say it sickens me but i do find it very funny how hand of fate falls at times.
Ben, Truro

Does anyone else find the swaggering arrogance of this man, and the people he pays to speak for him, sickening in the extreme ?
Debs, St Mawgan

Hey Kev, when are you coming by to pick this car up mate ? It's really clogging up the showroom now.

By the way, I asked about the tax for you - you can't use the one from your moped in Monaco over here, it's not legal.
Dave, Tresillian

Bertie, what's a 'crash pad' ? I thought he rented a bedsit in Monaco. Or is it called a crash pad when your company's in liquidation ? Jemima, Padstow

You talk about someone having little concern for small communities Stuart - well yes, that describes Kevin Heaney exactly.
Jez, Allet

Stuart, Southend, can you elaborate please?
Ben, Truro

anyone who was stupid enough or greedy enough to buy up loads of property during the boom, just because they could does not get my sympathy. Did he think prices would rise forever?
steve, penzance

at least the journos are now listening to what their readers are saying. did anyone else notice that mr heaney isnt decribed as a property tycoon in this story!!
ben, Truro

Potentially something sinister here - but no alleagtion is made. GVA Grimley is an OGC approved planinng consultant. If the headline read "private sector govt consultant in property snatch" how would you feel if the same receiver used their compulsory purchase department (yes - they have one) to kick you out onto the street?
This firm represents big clients and surely has little concern for small communities.
Stuart, southend

Yeah, Just like Michael Jackson selling off memrobellia to raise cash, you might get a crash pad in Monarco for a song.
Bertie Bassett, Truro

Hey Ben - I'm sure you'll get your chance. I've got my eye on a nice big house on Lemon Street. Garry, Truro

Mr Lingard thinks the receiver is 'crass'? Crass means - so crude and unrefined as to be lacking in sensibility. Rather describes his client more than the receiver.
I expect this'll get removed pretty quickly but hey ho, I'm only pointing out the obvious. Bertie Bassett, Truro

£1.5 million. cheap at half the price. i'll take two.
Ben, Truro '[/size]

...............................All Tied Up?

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Post by TeamKernow » Thu May 07, 2009 8:29 pm

The Ditch List

'Truro FC chairman slides from UK rich list.

[size=small]Thursday April 30, 2009, 09:50

FOOTBALL and property boss Kevin Heaney has dropped off an influential list of Britain's wealthiest people.

The chairman of Truro City Football Club and boss of a string of property and development firms does not appear in The Sunday Times Rich List of the UK's top 2,000 millionaires.

It is a spectacular slide down the table for Mr Heaney, of Truro, who last year was ranked 550th with an estimated wealth of £145 million. That figure was down from 2007's estimate of £154 million, at 458th place.

Since then, as previously reported, one of his companies, Cornish Homes (UK) Ltd went into liquidation with debts of £4.8 million.

Those lowest on this year's list are reportedly worth £30 million.

However, Mr Heaney has had greater success with Truro City, which recently achieved football history by equalling the British record of four successive promotions, rising from football obscurity to the third tier of non-league football.

Other Cornish-linked high-flyers include Marcus Evans, who owns the Trewarthenick estate at Tregony, near Truro, and has seen his fortune buck the economic trend and rise to £400 million in the last year – double its 2008 estimate

The business services entrepreneur who has a controlling stake in Ipswich football club, has moved from 397th to 128th.

Mr Evans lives most of the time in Bermuda with his wife and young family.

He bought Trewarthenick for a reputed £9 million about two years ago and is currently renovating the property in a multi-million pound restoration project.

Among the other Cornwall-based tycoons still on the list, the family of Bruce Robertson, who owns Trago Mills stores in Cornwall and Devon, is now said to be worth £83 million - £20 million less than previously, placing him 688th overall.

The family owns three separate shopping outlets as well as a development company. Despite the recession, it is planning to build a new £7.5 million garden centre in Devon, as well as a £36 million budget shopping mall in Wales.

Olga Polizzi, who owns the Tresanton Hotel in St Mawes, comes 146th in the list with her brother Rocco Forte.

The family's London hotel businesses, family inheritance, and the Tresanton Hotel are together now estimated to be worth £350 million, compared to £450 million in 2008.

Cornish food processing giant Graham Roach, who started work in the family business at the age of 15, is now estimated to be worth £75 million, compared to £87 million last year.

Music moguls Roger Taylor and Tim Rice, who have homes in the county, are also estimated to be worth £65 million and £140 million respectively.

The wealthiest person in the south west is Lord Vestey, whose currently estimated £750 million fortune was made in the meat industry.

He lives in Gloucestershire.


i love u xxxxxxxxx
jess h, london
commented on 06-May-2009 21:12

Does anybody really care? The man is a clown with only his own interests in mind - this stuff about him being the saviour of Cornish football is IMO odious in the extreme.
Gilbert Coombe, Portreath
commented on 02-May-2009 13:01

What is Heaney actually worth then ?
Jools, hayle
commented on 01-May-2009 16:01

Kev mate, will you be wanting this new one for the car-boot - the fore-court's still chocka.
Davey, Tresillian
commented on 01-May-2009 15:58

What a powerful image and succinct metaphor - "a string of property and development firms" - one can see the individual pearls, popping and cascading all over the floor, in the mind's eye as one considers it ...........
Jess, truro
commented on 01-May-2009 15:55

Looks like the "spectacular slide down" has well and truly started - where will it all end ?

Amongst the swings and the roundabouts, there's always something unsavoury in the sandpit.
Ryan, lanner
commented on 01-May-2009 15:46

Dear oh dear, Kev, it's looking more and more like a car-boot as the best option - you could run a number of pitches simultaneously after all.
chas, threemilestone
commented on 01-May-2009 15:41

When the (so-called) Rich List was published this year, it was made clear that anyone whose affairs are under investigation, through receivership and the like, would not be included.

Does this mean that some creditors may still get paid or not we wonder.....?
Damien, polgooth
commented on 01-May-2009 15:34

"Rising from football obscurity, to the third tier of non-league football .........." ???
Kevin, truro
commented on 01-May-2009 15:28

It's all been part of the hype. Now he can't go round introducing himself as the 550th richest man in Britain, he's going to have to fall back on his good looks and charm. Good luck with that, Kev!
Gary, truro
commented on 01-May-2009 15:16

I retract my previous statement! After reading old articles by the West Briton I have found no 'soft spot' for Mr Heaney. I must offer my apologies to Mr Reines. Keep up the good work.
Fiona, Helston
commented on 01-May-2009 13:42

I think this paper has a soft spot for Mr Heaney, I leave a comment that IS NOT rude or offensive meerly stating a point and they don't show it, freedom of speech anyone!
Fiona, Helston
commented on 30-Apr-2009 14:50

Of course Mr Heaney has never had £145m sitting in a bank account. The previous estimates of his wealth were based upon the valuation of his businesses which, at one time, made some money. It is also very clear that the market capitalisation of major housebuilders (like Barratt) have declined by far more than £145m.
Very Cynical, Cornwall
commented on 30-Apr-2009 12:51

makes you wonder whether he actually had 145 million last year. i mean to lose 115 million quid in a year is a bit careless and would indicate that he never had in the first place. even the barratts and taylor wimpey's of this world which build a damn site more houses than cornish homes ever did havent lost that much money. come on kev who you kidding?
Ben, Truro
commented on 30-Apr-2009 11:04 '[/size]

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Re: The Mystery of Shameless Heaney, Carrick District Counci

Post by Rosko » Fri Aug 24, 2012 5:45 pm

Finally recognised for what he (Kevin Heaney) is, a FRAUD :

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