the family gough of rock cornwall

Looking for your Cornish roots, long lost friends/family or just other people with the same family name then try here.
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Post by annpart6 » Sat Jan 09, 2010 12:33 pm

IM trying to locate an old friend of my husband

im looking for anne gough this was her maiden name .

she came to rock cornwall somtime in the late sixties or early 70s

she lived in leigh lancashire before she came to rock cornwall.

her fathers name was alan gough and her mother was edna .

she would be about 65 now .

could have married some one with surname jolley

she was born 1944 leigh lancashire

my husband michael david partington would loved to hear from her.

so if anyone knows anne could you ask her to get in touch .

thank you &best wishes

annpart6 ps.i have just been told by michael that the last known adress was rock house rock cornwallso hoping this could narrow it down.

thank you

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