The English are revolting !

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The English are revolting !

Post by kbcl1 » Sat Nov 27, 2010 6:34 pm

It seems the English are revolting again ! I get one of these every other day now yet nothing seems to be mentioned in the news media :

"Dear Michael,

I'm sorry to write to you at the weekend but I felt you needed to know about the violence caused by the English Defence League (EDL) today in Preston and Nuneaton. Bricks, bottles, coins, smoke grenades, fireworks and thunderflashes have rained down on police and local people in both places. As I write this I'm hearing of people with serious head injuries being led away.

No one likes to say I told you so but we have been warning against this type of violence for some time. Only yesterday I wrote to you to say that I thought that the EDL was the single biggest threat to social cohesion in Britain today.

Will you help us tell the authorities the true nature of the EDL: page/contribute/Donate-to-educate

The police decided on a low key approach. Unsurprisingly, the EDL thugs took advantage of this and caused trouble. The problem, however, is more fundamental. The Government and police chiefs are refusing to take the EDL threat seriously. Only this week the police officer in charge of political extremism, Detective Chief Superintendent Adrian Tudway, claimed that the EDL was not his problem.

This is unacceptable. It is time the authorities take the EDL seriously before it triggers more serious violence. We shall produce a comprehensive briefing paper on the EDL which we will send to every MP, police force and council in the country. It will examine the politics of the EDL and the people involved in it, and make recommendations about how the authorities should deal with it. We also want to produce a pack for community and faith groups to help them deal with the EDL.

Will you help us fund this? ... to-educate

Today's violence is the result of the Government and police refusing to take the EDL threat seriously. Help us force them to change their minds before the situation gets worse.



Nick Lowles

To follow the HOPE not hate campaign, visit"

Nice website. Plenty of St George's Flags confirming what I have always thought and oft said about said banner much to the annoyance of some cream tea Cornish ! Still, I say what I like these days ! Mike C

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